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Layout And Composition

  1. Mastering grids in InDesign CC | Creative Bloq

    good explanation to design a grid with exact measurement

  2. Golden Ratio Myth, Math and Misunderstanding (for Debunkers)

    Very important site for golden ratio

  3. Designing With Grid-Based Approach – Smashing Magazine

    A very comprehensive and full guide to grids

  4. What Is The Golden Ratio? What You Need to Know and How To Use It – Design School

    Very good article with applications, just beautiful

Style and guidlines


Here links to everything that's related to logo manuals and style guides.

  1. Brand identity style guides | Logo Design Love

    That's the official site of the book and a very good resource for guides with downloadable PDFS

  2. 20 inspiring branding guides | Webdesigner Depot
  3. 50 Meticulous Style Guides Every Startup Should See Before Launching – Design School



ANything that's color related, good articles, videos, etc

  1. Material Design Color Palette Generator - Material Palette



Here is the best people at using color or color grading

  1. Light and Emotion: The Influences of Colour in Advertising
  2. The Mill- interview with James bamford

    Honda ignition ad color grading



All sites for working online

  1. Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online - Truelancer
  2. Freelance Logo Design, Web Design & Graphic Design | DesignCrowd
  3. Design contests: 16871 contests for were found

    Contest and stuff



some links, maybe other local designers and stuff

  1. Jobs for Graphic Designers Egypt 2016

    company infos to contact

  2. Behance - Tanta designers
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