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Business Management


Online tools to better manage your business

  1. KLERK
  2. UX Recipe - a checklist where you discover, choose and estimate your next UX project to...

    select and estimate the ux tools and techniques for your next project

  3. AND CO - My Desk
  4. 2015 Trends: Startup Resource Lists - Resource lists were a huge maker trend in 2015. b...
  5. QR Code Generator
  6. online VAT calculator

    Γρήγορος υπολογισμός ΦΠΑ



Bookmarks on how to create revenue for your project / startup

  1. Contributor—A new revenue source for your sites - Contributor Help

    Adsense's program to get paid to remove ads

  2. Start A Fire - Get the full value from links you share
  3. - Customize links and share them easily
  4. Sniply: Social Media Conversion | Home
  5. Lite1.4 Email Extractor | Lite 1.4



Bookmarks to ignite a future project

  1. Request For Startup
  2. Build a WordPress Maintenance Service Offering
  3. Electronic health records for doctors | MediSign
  4. Teacherbox - Dashboard

    All tutors need to organise their tutoring business

  5. Creating an icon font | The blog of Max Glenister
  6. Useful Resources and Tools to Add to Your Designer's Toolkit

Templates / Forms

  1. Effectively Growing and Managing Your Divi Web Design Team
  2. Organizing the “Client Side” of our Divi Web Design Business
  3. Creating a Website Questionnaire and Documentation for Your Clients
  4. Open Source Email Templates · sendwithus
  5. e-logistiki

    Templates ελληνικών εγγράφων για επιχειρήσεις (συμφφωνητικά, αιτήσεις κ.α.)

  6. OnCompany™ Website Design Quotation Form

    Another sample of a quote form

Office Support

  1. Dashboard - Christos Chiotis
  2. Email Template Generator
  3. Lumi - Create Stamps
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    Best Website To Calculate VAT Tax

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    AMIR ALI · over 5 years ago

    Nice Post Great.

  10. Billgiddy · about 7 years ago is a great invoicing tool

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