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Website Creation

  1. BeTheme
  2. UX Project Checklist

Business Management


Online tools to better manage your business

  1. 2015 Trends: Startup Resource Lists - Resource lists were a huge maker trend in 2015. b...
  2. QR Code Generator
  3. online VAT calculator

    Γρήγορος υπολογισμός ΦΠΑ

  4. Free Invoice Generator

    Γρήγορη δημιουργία ένος τιμολογίου

  5. Knowlium

    Strategic planning and management software for your startup

  6. Dapulse

    Simply the fastest project management tool out there for startups



Bookmarks on how to create revenue for your project / startup

  1. Contributor—A new revenue source for your sites - Contributor Help

    Adsense's program to get paid to remove ads

  2. Start A Fire - Get the full value from links you share
  3. - Customize links and share them easily
  4. Sniply: Social Media Conversion | Home
  5. Lite1.4 Email Extractor | Lite 1.4



Bookmarks to ignite a future project

  2. Electronic health records for doctors | MediSign
  3. Request For Startup
  4. Teacherbox - Dashboard

    All tutors need to organise their tutoring business

  5. Creating an icon font | The blog of Max Glenister
  6. Useful Resources and Tools to Add to Your Designer's Toolkit

Content Creation

  1. Need Ideas for Your Business Blog? Here Are 50

Templates / Forms

  1. Open Source Email Templates · sendwithus
  2. e-logistiki

    Templates ελληνικών εγγράφων για επιχειρήσεις (συμφφωνητικά, αιτήσεις κ.α.)

  3. OnCompany™ Website Design Quotation Form

    Another sample of a quote form

  4. Website Design Quote Form | Better Image

    Sample of a nice quote form

  5. JotForm - Form Templates

    Different form templates for all types of business form needs

  6. Email Templates For Web Designers And Developers (PDF, ODT, TXT) | Smashing Magazine

Office Support

  1. Dashboard - Christos Chiotis
  2. Email Template Generator
  3. Lumi - Create Stamps



Bookmarks on learning new things and improve your business culture and thinking

  1. How to Give a Speech When You're Terrified of Giving a Speech
  2. How to Manage Cash Flow More Efficiently - Tuts+ Business Tutorial
  3. Brain gems for decision-makers
  4. Introduction to “Agile” Methodology

    the Agile method involves working through iterative, incremental cycles.

  5. 29 Social Media Rules You May Not Know Of
  6. The Ultimate Guide to Collecting Email Leads from your WordPress Site - SiteSpex
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  1. Billgiddy · over 1 year ago is a great invoicing tool

  2. Deanna
    Deanna · over 1 year ago Suggested

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