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Castlight Complete

  1. Implementation SOP's
  2. Project Status Dashboard
  3. 2018 Source of Truth
  4. Castlight Complete IMPL Readiness Planning
  5. Tracker/Documentation

    For Complete features. Managed by Product team.


  1. L-Jiff Launch Calendar

    All launches must be entered here & approved by IMPL

  2. Integrations Capacity Planning

    All integrations must be slotted here

  3. L-Jiff Self Service Tools Status

    Shows Product owners & health of L-Jiff self service (Active Admin, Mission Control, etc.) tools.

  4. Sales Force pipeline

    Stalk clients about to sign!


  1. All Customer E-file Specs
  2. Source of Truth

    Jiff product package offerings. See SOW for indiv. customer details.


  1. Keynote Deck for Configurable Challenge Templates
  2. Mocks for OOO Templates
  3. Survey Monkey

    Create end user challenge surveys // username: // pw: ctjiff!


  1. Budget Model


  1. Playbook Folder

    Playbook templates (Nav, TWB, LP, Challenges) & all customer living PB's

  2. Worksheets (customer to fill out)

    For filling in Content Center, Benefits Resources, Homestream cards, Events, Notifications

  3. PB Worksheets (for customer to fill out)

    Worksheets for: Benefit Resources, Content Center, Homestream, Events, and Notifications


  1. Email - Process & Rules of the Road

    Follow this process to request ALL e-mails. Contains links to needed request docs.

  2. Content Library

    E-mail & FAQ templates for Nav launch, enrollment instructions, & Challenges

  3. Marketing Collateral Toolkit

    Contains marcom examples to send to customers. You MUST block customer specific info (name & token)


  1. Images: Homestream & Content Center
  2. Design Trello

    Board to request ALL design assets

  3. Icons: Reward Center
  4. Icons: Benefit Resources
  5. Jiff Branding Guidelines

    Send to Customers if they are creating their own marcom materials for Jiff


  1. Standard Tax Report

    Quarterly tax files in a standard report, per SOW. Some customers have negotiated more frequent file

  2. Tableau Server

    username: tableau_general // pass: jiff+castlight // MUST BE ON JIFF/CSTL VPN


  1. System generated notifications
  2. Product Documentation
  3. Standard Homestream card library


  1. Rewards Catalog

    All available item choices here. Send this to your customers.

  2. Store Items List

    Send to customer as FYI. Store is not configurable.

  3. RC Item Request Process

    New launches: Only for requesting custom Rewards Center items.

  4. Partner & Marketplace Resources

    Resources/FAQ for Jiff Store, Rewards Center, and Partner Programs

Early Access

  1. Early Access test script & email templates

Partner Program Integrations

  1. Partnership Source of Truth

    Specs, mocks, and other documentation for partner programs. Don't see something? E-mail esummerville

  2. Program Config Doc (Complete)
  3. Partner & Marketplace Resources

    Resources/FAQ for Jiff Store, Rewards Center, and Partner Programs

  4. Partner Contacts & Demos

    If your customer wants to try out a PSP to understand it, you can share these demos with them.

  5. Partner Program Documentation Folder

Custom Program Integrations

  1. Custom Program Documentation

    EVERYTHING about configuring custom programs. Includes s3 links for PSP icons & custom program icons

  2. Custom/Education Mock Template
  3. Config Doc Templates

    For consumer, custom, & education config doc templates. Ask INT lead for Partner program docs

  4. Custom Integrations Questionnaire

    Fill this out with client before custom integration kick-off with vendor & send to Maryum

  5. List of Custom Program Actions

    Reference this when recommending rewardable actions for your customer's custom programs.

  6. Integrations SSO Questionnaire

    Vendor to return this completed 48 hours before SSO kick-off meeting or meeting will be cancelled

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