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Professional Service Niche

  1. Partnership P&L Appropriation
  2. Nifty Law

    Marketing Provider to Law Firms

  3. Legal Accounting Pros

    accouting service provider that targets law firms

  4. Financial Segmentation Reporting
  5. Attorneys Audit Technique Guide
  6. GuidetoTrustAccounts.pdf

Time & Billing Software

  1. Law Firm Timekeeping & Billing Software
  2. BlueHill Research: Cloud Practices
  3. BlueHill Research: Integrated Workflow
  4. Blue Hill Research
  5. The Legal Cloud (1 of 2)
  6. ABA Software Chart

Work-Related Websites

  1. Webfile
  2. CCH Tax KnowledgeBase
  3. TXFR Acct Status
  4. CCH Tax Tutorials
  5. Becker CPE
  6. Checkpoint Learning
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