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for Support

  1. Apple Support portal
  2. Apple Support Communities

    discussion forums

  3. Knowledge Base Articles

    after searching, you can "Filter" by "Support Articles" to see only official knowledge base articles

  4. Automated Support

    formerly "self solve." walks you through the process of troubleshooting and/or contacting apple

  5. Service and Support Coverage

    quickly check the warranty of a device by searching its serial number

  6. "My Support Profile" [discontinued]

    view your devices, check warranties and repair status, etc.

KB articles


some of the handiest articles

  1. Startup key combinations for Mac
  2. The different OS X boot screens
  3. requirements for Handoff & Continuity features

    Handoff (apps/documents) and Instant Hotspot require newer:

iCloud & Services


    Manage your Apple account


    homepage for Mail, Calendars, Contacts, Photos, etc.

  3. Apple System Status

    check status and any recent outages of Apple cloud services

  4. check Activation Lock

    verify a device is not locked to an Apple ID before buying it! (input a serial number or IMEI)

other stuff

  1. next Apple event
  2. Site Map
  3. Apple Info (

    Press Releases, Job opportunities, Environmental and Supplier Responsibilities


    Privacy Policies, Licence Agreements, Warranties, Sales & Support


    contact information to make official inquiries to Apple Inc.

  6. Apple Developer Program
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