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Writing Websites


Sites pertaining to writing.

  1. Know thyself… by writing your first novel
  2. The Hero's Journey.
  3. Writers’ Workshop
  4. New bookmark
  5. Project Involve - Film Independent
  6. Disney

Linked In

  1. New bookmark
  2. 10 Important Career Lessons

World Buiding


Websites or articles for world building.

  1. Worldbuilding School - Bring your world to life



Publishing and E-books

  1. DarkMarkets
  2. 5x5 Literary Magazine
  3. 8 Short Story Publishers that Pay $160+ Per Story
  4. gatheringstorm
  5. Smashwords E-books
  6. scarlet leaf review

Film and TV Sites


Sites for Film and TV industry

  1. 'Art of the Opening Shot' Gives Us a Few of the Most Iconic First Scenes in Movie History
  2. How to Create Your own Feature, Short, Pilot, or Web Series
  3. Five Great Reasons Why Writers Should Consider Reality Television
  4. IMDb
  5. The 2017 Single-Take Challenge
  6. Netflix



Common research sites

  1. Independent Television: Beyond YouTube
  2. Top 13 Sites For Independent Filmmakers - Raindance
  3. Guide to Indie Films and the Indie Channel
  4. How The TV Industry Works
  5. How Movie Distribution Works
  6. Selling 'Inception': How Hollywood Marketing Works

Ted Talks


Various Talks Pertaining to writing or being creative.

  1. Gaming can make a better world
  2. Are games better than life?
  3. TED: Ideas worth spreading
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