Useful Web Apps

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  1. The Best Online RPG Toolset | Beyond Tabletop

Torrents and Seedboxes

  1. Welcome to SEEDR
  2. Online storage
  3. Cloud Torrents
  4. Download torrents to the cloud and watch them online
  5. Top 10 Free Torrent Caching Service

Presentation Software

  1. Survey of web presentation tools
  2. Presentation Software Sucks
  3. bruce 3.2.1
  4. How to use Bespoke.js, a presentation framework
  5. bespokejs/bespoke
  6. Bespoke.js

Code Editors


For when I'm in the mood to program.

  1. - Online Python IDE
  2. codepad
  3. SourceLair | Online IDE | Django, PHP, HTML5 and Node.js
  4. Interactive Shell
  6. Developer Workspaces Controlled By Any IDE | Codenvy

Information Organizing


Making the web more manageable.

  1. Nimbus - Welcome to Nimbus Clipper!
  2. :: crofflr - ebook deliveries ::
  3. Dropmark | Organize, collaborate, curate, and share online
  4. Pearltrees
  5. Free Personalized Start Pages
  6. Dash Dashboards

Document Editors and Viewers

  1. Boxy SVG Editor
  2. Convert EPUB to MOBI. Online & Free — Convertio
  3. MediaGoblin
  4. Convert PDF to Word Online
  5. Five tips for (finally) writing your novel with Docs
  6. Google Docs Blog
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