Programming Resources

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LISP and Scheme

  1. lispgames/
  2. LISPGames Wiki
  3. CLiki: index
  4. Welcome - The Chicken Scheme Wiki
  5. CHICKEN source code

Learning Programming

  1. LiveCoding
  2. 10 Websites that Teach Coding and More
  3. Codecademy

Text Editing


Resources on Text Editors

  1. Parsing Computer Languages with a Single Regular Expression
  2. Tokenizing Text Held in a Rope Data Structure
  3. CareerCup
  4. Text editor data structures
  5. Best data structure for implementing a text editor
  6. sds.pdf

Data Structures and Algorithms


How to do stuff with data.

  1. How can I learn how to implement an algorithm considering most books teach us the algor...
  2. What is a list of data structures that a competitive programmer must know? - Quora
  3. Data Structures | Good Math Bad Math

Voice Recognition


Speaking and How to Recognize It

  1. Single Speaker Word Recognition With Hidden Markov Models

D Programming Language

  1. Programming in D - Programming in D
  2. This Week in D: February 14, 2016
  3. rahim14/DFL
  4. FrankLIKE/dfl2
  5. Rayerd/dfl
  6. filcuc/DOtherSide


  1. The Birth & Death of JavaScript
  2. Random Forests in Python
  3. PyQt5 Download
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