the raven cycle

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explicit / mature

  1. color in your hands

    the gangsey in art school

  2. how lancelet and guinevere slew the dragon

    arthurian mythology and feelings.

  3. we all fill up with time

    it's never easy starting something new, trusting someone new. but maybe adam can make it worthwhile.

gen / teen

  1. five times adam parrish cried (+1 time ronan cried, too)
  2. the forest grows back

    gansey's alive. cabeswater is fallen. the quest is over. then why does everything still hurt?

  3. hiding

    the one where the barns welcomes twin calves and nothing goes quite as planned.

  4. larger than life

    an AU with no supernatural elements where adam & ronan meet at age eight & grow up as best friends

  5. squash one, squash two, i love you

    the one where they're all in hogwarts, and ronan is a dick and adam is in love with him.

  6. the raven under my bed

    struggling to make rent his first summer at university, adam takes on an enigmatic new roommate.

a little long


explicit / mature

  1. a truth so loud you can't ignore

    adam comes to terms with what it means to have a real family.

  2. better in threes

    gansey attends mrs. gansey's congressional swearing-in. afterwards, henry and blue take care of him.

  3. move your feet from hot pavement (and into the grass)

    as uncomplicatedly as possible, the weekends were for Ronan.

  4. new worlds for the weary, new lands for the living

    pulling off a long distance relationship shouldn't be that hard, after everything else.

  5. sex tape

    adam's leaving for college soon, and ronan is desperate to get some nsfw memories on camera.

  6. snapshots

    for a sociology project, adam has to capture the definition of love in a series of photographs.

gen / teen

  1. a is for apple, b is for boy, c is for carrying the weight of dreams

    opal is sent to school.

  2. awake and unreal

    the first time ronan found a soul mark, he was eight years old.

  3. faith, hope, all that bullshit

    ronan never actually proposes. adam doesn't technically say yes.

  4. flip the view and open wide

    there's an annual carnival at st. agnes. every year, the lynch family sponsors the funhouse.

  5. giving all my love to you

    adam gets a cold in the middle of the summer and has to skip work. ronan takes care of him.

  6. in case you ever bleed

    five times ronan makes adam's heart race as a side effect and one time he totally does it on purpose

short n sweet


explicit / mature

  1. kings and thrones

    ronan likes adam in his lap. adam likes it too. it bewilders some others.

  2. named things

    adam is really hung up on the "boyfriend's beemer" comment.

  3. the world is wide (but you are its centre)

    a snapshot during the days leading up to adam's departure.

  4. you've got the kind of nerve to get what you deserve

    ronan gets adam a dirt bike for his birthday. then they have sex. the two are related.


  1. adam parrish is basic (or, four ways to sip the holidays)

    adam likes and actively drinks seasonal lattes. ronan? ronan hates them.

  2. and you.

    it's summer. adam comes home from work.

  3. clotheshound

    ronan takes adam shopping.

  4. dear ronan goddamned lynch

    adam makes no friends at college and ronan has destroyed his cellphone.

  5. it's raining, it's pouring, i picture you in the morning

    a trio of early mornings at the barns.

  6. next to godliness

    trying to get any child into a bath is difficult. adam and ronan try their best.

angst / feelings

  1. a light that never goes out

    "feelings with a dash of family fluff." adam and ronan, after.

  2. a pair of dull scissors in the yellow light

    ronan asks gansey to shave his head one last time before gansey leaves on his road trip.

  3. as far as we go

    adam was everywhere. the only problem was that ronan wanted him to be.

  4. flip the view and open wide

    there's an annual carnival at st. agnes. every year, the lynch family sponsors the funhouse.

  5. glitch

    sending texts to ronan was like yelling into the wind—you were never sure if the recipient heard you

  6. hand of god

    transubstantiation is only transition.

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