fan fiction

the raven cycle

  1. a light that never goes out

    "feelings with a dash of family fluff." adam and ronan, after.

  2. a pair of dull scissors in the yellow light

    ronan asks gansey to shave his head one last time before gansey leaves on his road trip.

  3. a truth so loud you can't ignore

    adam comes to terms with what it means to have a real family.

  4. color in your hands

    the gangsey in art school

  5. hold my breath until the morning

    post-trk ronan character study

  6. in case you ever bleed

    five times ronan makes adam's heart race as a side effect and one time he totally does it on purpose

check, please!

  1. a bad case of loving you

    the one where ransom & holster are first-year interns at sacred haus hospital, aka the scrubs AU

  2. comfortable territory

    the fake dating AU we all want and need

  3. five things adam birkholtz learns in HDFS 332: healthy couple relationships

    holster and lardo take a night class about healthy relationships

  4. found out

    a bunch of ways in which everyone finds out about jack and bittle.

  5. i could fill your cup

    [sniffles] holster just... he loves ransom... SO. MUCH.

  6. i hear symphonies in my head

    eric listens to lots of music.

carry on

  1. you've got your arm around me honey and there's nothing to fear

    baz and simon are spending the weekend with baz's family, but baz hasn't told them they're dating.

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