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gen / teen

  1. five things adam birkholtz learns in HDFS 332: healthy couple relationships

    holster and lardo take a night class about healthy relationships

  2. found out

    a bunch of ways in which everyone finds out about jack and bittle.

  3. it's going to be okay (we're together)

    ransom has baby girl. holster's always there for his best friend.

  4. the lucky ones

    they made the decision to drive to myrtle beach when holster found the fucking sweetest cottage.

explicit / mature

  1. keep it

    at the start of their senior year, ransom is dating march and holster is okay. of course he is.

a bit long


gen / teen

  1. a bad case of loving you

    the one where ransom & holster are first-year interns at sacred haus hospital, aka the scrubs AU

  2. comfortable territory

    the fake dating AU we all want and need

  3. i hear symphonies in my head

    eric listens to lots of music.

  4. just to see that little smile

    5 times jack surprises bitty, +1 time bitty gets him first.

  5. not funny

    this whole thing feels so weird, like they're betraying some clause of the homosocial bro code.

  6. someone as good for me as you

    “so tell me,” justin’s mother says, all business, “is your boy going to propose?”

explicit / mature

  1. first love, late spring

    ransom and holster fake dating

short n sweet


gen / teen

  1. i could fill your cup

    [sniffles] holster just... he loves ransom... SO. MUCH.

  2. in screaming color

    five times ransom thought he was in love with holster, and one time he didn’t.

  3. lunchable-free zone

    a typical morning in the oluransi-birkholtz household.

  4. open your arms and i'll run straight into them

    ransom and holster bond, work out, and maintain fake relationships with disney princes.

  5. orange county

    the gang is old and goes to disney.

  6. phone, please!

    5 times jack took bitty's phone and 1 time bitty put it away himself

explicit / mature

  1. sober

    they're friends. they're friends who make out when they're drunk.

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