Youth Ministry

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Youth Ministry Teaching


Children's Church Lesson Preparation

  1. Christian Skit Scripts by Frederick Passmore
  2. Free Bible images:

    Free Bible illustrations

  3. Free Bible Crafts and Bible Activities

    Arts & Crafts

  4. Children's Ministry Curriculum, Resources, Ideas

    HCCBC Ministry Curricula

  5. One Time Blind

    Great scripts, movies and music for the church


    A searchable online Bible in over 150 versions and 50 languages.

Media Support


Media related support

  1. SabbathSchool
  2. onetimeblind
  3. "Glow" Music Video (with motions)
  4. Shine A Light- Kids On The Move

American Sign Language

  1. Signing Savvy | ASL Sign Language Video Dictionary
  2. ASL Lessons - USF

    2 Semesters of ASL at USF. great training for kid programs

  3. "grade" ASL American Sign Language

    Clarity on the word "Grade"

  4. Gloss in American Sign Language (ASL)
  5. ASL Fingerspell Quiz
  6. Sign Language For Kids



Puppet supplies and support

  1. Puppets for Ministry, Schools and Recreation!
  2. The Kids Corner Puppet Stage
  3. Axtell Expressions Puppets, Animatronics
  4. Video Training for Puppeteers
  5. PuppetU, Best Puppets, Lowest Prices, Fastest Shipping!
  6. Luna's Puppets

    Custom Handmade Monster & Muppet Style Puppets



Kid Friendly Music

  1. Kidz Bop Kids - Topic
  2. The Official KIDZ BOP Online Store

Church Youth Ministries Connect


Churches with great youth ministries or great ideas

  1. Youth Ministry Round Table
  3. VLC Kids

    Victorious Life in Wesley Chapel

  4. Children's Ministries | GFConline

Technology Class Resources

  1. Introduction to pneumatics
  2. Osceola County Schools
  3. Forefront Identity Management
  4. Applied Educational Systems
  5. Video Tutorials - Online Teacher Training
  6. comic strips - Google Search



Developing in Roblox

  1. Manual/Studio Overview
  2. ROBLOX Create and Play Tutorial - How To Make Your First Game

Structural Design


Web resources for student research

  1. Modular Robotics
  2. Civilization Game in the Classroom - EDU642
  3. Braced vs. Unbraced Balsa Wood Structures
  4. Resisting Shear - Bare Essentials of Reinforced Concrete with Prof Tim Ibell Pt5
  5. Shear Design of Reinforcement - Part 1
  6. post-and-lintel system | architecture



Important youth ministry information

  1. Is Youth Ministry Killing the Church?

Intensive Class


Resource for Intensive and Enrichment courses.

  1. EIE Site
  2. Arc of the Year – Achieve3000 Hub
  3. Achieve3000: The Leader in Differentiated Instruction
  4. i-Ready
  5. Review Rostering Options – Achieve3000 Hub
  6. I-Ready Secure Transfer

AGA Adobe


Supporting the program. Ideas and Activities

  1. Adobe: Creative, marketing and document management solutions
  2. Total Access Training

    Adobe 24 month training

  3. Create packages with Adobe Creative Cloud for education device licenses
  4. Encore CS6
  5. Download full library content for Adobe Encore CS6
  6. Create packages Help


  1. Home - Droneology
  2. NCEI Geomagnetic Calculators
  3. Model Aviation Student Club (MASC)
  4. Connect to INAV
  5. Examinations
  6. Join or Renew Your AMA Membership

STEAM - Animation


Stop motion processes and activities

  1. Tutorials - Dragonframe
  2. Crazy Talk Animation

    CrazyTalk 8 pro and CrazyTalk Animator 3

  3. Animation Supplies
  4. How to Make a Wire Puppet | Stop Motion

Comic Life 3


All support for comic life software

  1. Comic Life 3 App Review)
  2. ComicKits

    Downloadable comic art for comic making

  3. Comic Life 3 for Mac & Windows

    Comic book making software

  4. comiclife-3.0-gettingstarted.pdf
  5. Comic Life Tutorials

    3.5 Feature Highlights

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