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Time Tracking

  1. Toggl Button 4/169
  2. Toggl - Productivity Pack 4/7 (The Toggl Productivity Pack provides enhancements for the To

Extensions Reload

  1. Quick Extension Reload 4/10
  2. Quick Extension Reload 4/10

Remove Cookies for Current Website / Domain

  1. Cookie Monster 5/10 (remove all the cookies from the current domain in one click)

Hide Webpage Elements / Remove Elemets from Websites / Delete Details from Webpages

  1. Edit Page! 5/6 (Enables you to edit the content of the current page)
  2. Click to Remove Element 4/85 (Remove annoying elements with a single click)
  3. Page Eraser 4/170
  4. Stealth 4/25 (hide web page elements)
  5. Clean the Junk 5/97 (Clean the junk - is the add-on for removing banners and other junk fro

Show Source / View Source

  1. Chrome extension source viewer 5/93
  2. Awesome View Source Button 4/5 (Awesome button to view the source in a new window or tab. I

Resize Windows

  1. Window Resizer 4/1778 (Resize browser window to emulate various screen resolutions)

Make Webpages Easier to Read

  1. High Contrast 4/2221

Change Search Engine

  1. Chrometana - Redirect Bing Somewhere Better 5/271 (Redirect all Bing (and therefore Cortana

Unblock Something

  1. Desprotetor de Links 5/1906
  2. Enable Right Click 4/4

Network and Internet Tools

  1. Network and Internet tools 4/75 (like ping, tracert, W3C validator, dns blackhole list, dns


  1. Tools for Google Maps™ 4/442
  2. Send to Google Maps - Chrome Web Store
  3. Dynamic Maps for Google+™ - Chrome Web Store
  4. 2GIS - Chrome Web Store
  5. Quick Maps - Chrome Web Store
  6. Tools for Google Maps™ - Chrome Web Store

For My Blog / Create Blog Tools / Blogging Tools

  1. ScribeFire 4/330 (An easy-to-use blog editor lets you post to all of your blogs)
  2. Tiny Tweetr! for Blogger from Blog 4/19 (Lets Blogger add a Tweet This! link to blog posts

Remote Access

  1. NeoRouter Remote Access Client Free - Chrome Web Store
  2. AccessNow by Ericom (RDP client) - Chrome Web Store
  3. Chrome RDP - Chrome Web Store
  4. VNC® Viewer for Google Chrome™

Save Code Snippets (programming)

  1. TagMyCode - Chrome Web Store

Website IP, Domain Name, Provider, Country Flag

  1. Yet another flags 5/217
  2. IP Domain Country Flag 4/157
  3. Server IP - Chrome Web Store
  4. Web Server Notifier - Chrome Web Store
  5. Server Details - Chrome Web Store
  6. Какой хостинг у сайта от HostAdvice.com 5/10

Save Money while Shopping

  1. Shopping Assistant - Chrome Web Store

Find Lowest Price

  1. eAdvisor (Verified) - Chrome Web Store

Monitor Prices for Products / Track Pruduct Price / Shopplig Lists

  1. The Tracktor - Price History Tracker 4/152
  2. Pricify - Chrome Web Store
  3. WishPlz Shopping Wish List w/ Price Tracking 5/35
  4. WishPlz 4/7 (Easily create shopping lists, and get notified automatically when anything goe

Automatic Price Comparison / Compare Prices

  1. Browse Plus 5/8
  2. Shopzy - Chrome Web Store
  3. Ciuvo Price Comparison - Chrome Web Store
  4. Shoptimate : automatic price comparison - Chrome Web Store

Search Good Products for Shopping

  1. BestFinda 5/1 (Best products in different categories - BestFinda did that research for you.

Connect Devices (iOS, Android, Mac OS, Windows)

  1. (ios, andoid, windows, mac) Adobe Edge Inspect CC 4/163 (Wirelessly connect multiple iOS &
  2. (ios, andoid, windows, mac) Adobe Edge Inspect CC 4/163 (Wirelessly connect multiple iOS &

Sales & CRM (All)

  1. Yesware Reports - Chrome Web Store
  2. Shop2Site - Integrate a shop - Chrome Web Store

Share Screen / Screen Sharing

  1. Screenleap - Chrome Web Store
  2. Screencastify (Screen Video Recorder) - Chrome Web Store
  3. appear.in - Chrome Web Store
  4. appear.in screen sharing 4/26 (Share the screen from your computer with up to 8 people in a

Shopping (All)

  1. Flipkart offers - Chrome Web Store
  2. MakkhiChoose - Chrome Web Store


  1. Biteslide 4/16 (engaging presentation tool for school)
  2. Presefy Presentation
  3. (GD) Slides - Presentation Remote
  4. PowerPoint Online 4/903

for particular websites (music)

  1. IcoMoon 5/167 (Browse & manage vector icons; download them in SVG, Font, PDF or PNG. You ca
  2. xorosho.com + 5/11

Zoom Websites

  1. Zoom on doubleclick 4/38
  2. Zoom 5/876 (zoom easy in and out a web page. Thanks to the slider and the zoom buttons)

Window Tilers

  1. Window Tiler 3/54
  2. Window Tiler 5/15
  3. Tab Resize - split screen layouts 4/300 (Split Screen made easy. Resize the CURRENT tab and

Mind-Maps, Collaboration

  1. (GD) MindMeister 4/762
  2. MindMeister Quick Access 5/18
  3. Mind42 4/70 (Create, publish and collaborate on the web with your mind maps)
  4. (GD) MindMup - Free Mind Map web site 4/545 (Free online mind mapping. Google Drive or Drop
  5. Subtask - Chrome Web Store
  6. MindMeister - Chrome Web Store

Contact Management

  1. Evercontact 4/60 (Grab contact details from ANYWHERE or let it happen AUTOMATICALLY within

Dunno (Creative tools)

  1. Colorblendy - Chrome Web Store

Website Time Counter (time tracking)

  1. Nope - Chrome Web Store

Earn Money

  1. SwagBucks Newtab Launcher - Chrome Web Store

Soft/Apps Search & Download

  1. FreeNew App Store 4/7 (Download Free Apps for: Android, iPhone & iPad, Windows)
  2. Onlive Soft 4/7 (Onlive Soft is a cloud applications catalog)

System, Hardware, Network info view

  1. Screen Size 4/9 (Calculate screen size and resolution)
  2. System - Chrome Web Store
  3. Cog - System Info Viewer 5/88

Google Accounts / Gmail

  1. Quick Login for Google Accounts 5/87 (Single click Sign-in Assistant to quickly access your

Article Summary

  1. TLDR 3/222 (TLDR (Too Long Didn't Read) Plugin is a free extension that creates a summary

Find the best Web Hosting for Website / Find Domain

  1. Namecheap 3/2 (domain name registraion & hosting)
  2. ShowIp - Chrome Web Store
  3. BestHosting.io 0/0 (Find Web Hosting for Website)

Team Chat and Inbox

  1. Flowdock - Chrome Web Store

Internet Desktop / Webtop

  1. Betoniara Desktop 5/2 (Collect your links in one place and access them wherever you are)

Producteev (All)

  1. Better Producteev 5/8

Cache (All except Clear)

  1. Is It Cached?
  2. WebCache 4/14 (View a cached version of a web page (Google Cache, Wayback Machine, Coral CD
  3. Cache Hit or Miss - Chrome Web Store
  4. Super-Cache 4/19

Music/Video Play Tools

  1. Playback Rate 4/22 (Adds a "Playback Rate" context menu to and elements, allowing the spe

System Power settings manage (prevent sleep mode)

  1. Be awake - Chrome Web Store
  2. Be awake - Chrome Web Store
  3. Keep Awake 4/212 (When the system is prevented from sleeping (sunset icon), network connect

Automate Chrome Browser

  1. DéjàClick for Chrome™ - Chrome Web Store
  2. iMacros for Chrome - Chrome Web Store
  3. Universal Automation - Chrome Web Store
  4. Chromium browser automation - Chrome Web Store
  5. Chromium browser automation 4/73
  6. iMacros for Chrome 4/1057 (Automate your web browser. Record and replay repetitious work)

Collaboration Visual Board

  1. (GD) RealtimeBoard 4/514

Bookmarklets and Scripts

  1. Script Menu 4/6 (Executing a script/bookmarklet from right click context menu)
  2. Backtick 5/30 (console for bookmarklets and scripts)

Monitoring Websites for Changes

  1. Page Monitor - Chrome Web Store
  2. Visualping - Chrome Web Store

Online IDE / Cloud IDE / IDE on Cloud / IDE Online / Programming / Coding

  1. (GD) ShiftEdit 5/1367 (online IDE for developing PHP, Ruby, HTML, CSS and JavaScript using
  2. Nitrous 5/156 (IDE in Cloud)
  3. Codebox 3/36
  4. Koding - Chrome Web Store
  5. sourceLair 4/108 (sourceLair is an online IDE for developing and testing your code reliably

Cookies (All)

  1. Vanilla Cookie Manager 5/404 (Protect Privacy. Automatically removes unwanted cookies)
  2. Cookie Manager 4/389
  3. Cookie Inspector - Chrome Web Store
  4. Cookie Crumbs - Chrome Web Store

Bookmarklets Make & Edit

  1. Bookmarklet (Create or edit bookmarklets to perform certain tasks on any web page. Insert c

AutoReload / AutoRefresh

  1. (1page) ChromeReload 4/709 (Automatically reload a page. Configure how often each page relo
  2. Super Auto Refresh - Chrome Web Store
  3. Page Refresh - Chrome Web Store
  4. ChromeReloadPlus - Chrome Web Store
  5. Easy Auto Refresh - Chrome Web Store
  6. Auto Refresh - Chrome Web Store


  1. Tampermonkey BETA 5/873
  2. Tampermonkey 5/16838 (The most popular userscript manager for Blink-based browsers)
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