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(GD) Google Documents (google drive)

  1. D-ToolBox 5/3 (D-ToolBox, Shortcuts to create Google Drive documents and download as pd...

GD Folders Move, Copy, Rename (google drive)

  1. (GD) Folder Copy for Google Drive™ 3/31

GD Sign Documents (google drive)

  1. (GD) HelloSign: Online signatures made easy 4/322 (HelloSign is the easiest way to sign...
  2. (GD) DocuSign - Sign Documents for Free 4/455 (easily sign PDF & Word documents, fill o...

GD Organize / Task Management / Calendar / Planner (google drive)

  1. Drive files to Google Calendar 4/2

GD Games (google drive)

  1. Googulator - Chrome Web Store

GD Dunno for What Developer Tools (google drive)

  1. Editey - Chrome Web Store
  2. Google Drive Realtime API Playground - Chrome Web Store

GD No Need (google drive)

  1. Folder notifications FREE for Google Drive™ 4/6
  2. (GD) E-Sign with Adobe EchoSign 4/51
  3. Create from template - Drive 4/31 (Add the from template option to your Google Drive Cr...
  4. Drive Template Gallery - Chrome Web Store
  5. Obvibase: a truly simple database 4/156

GD Useful Tools (google drive)

  1. Multiple File Rename for Google Drive 3/12 (rename multiple files)

GD Folders (google drive)

  1. multifolder - Chrome Web Store

GD Safety/Privacy (google drive)

  1. Hidden Folder for Drive, Cloud USB 5/7

GD Archives (zip, rar) (google drive)

  1. ZIP Extractor - Chrome Web Store

GD Stream/Play Music (google drive)

  1. (GD) Enjoy Music Player 4/717 (local and online music player)
  2. Music Player for Google Drive - Chrome Web Store
  3. Tunebanda 4/17 (Music streaming for Google Drive)
  4. DriveTunes - Chrome Web Store
  5. !!!!! (GD) Cloud FLAC, MP3, AAC Player 4/9
  6. Music Player for Google Drive - Chrome Web Store

GD Backup to Other Clouds / Transfer to Other Clouds / Integrate with Other Clouds (google drive)

  1. (GD) Drive Files to Dropbox 4/95 (This app is a file transfer, backup tool for Google D...
  2. Drive Migrator 4/78 (transfer your Google Drive files / documents from one account to a...
  3. Drive Files to Dropbox 4/88

GD Mind-Mapping, Collaboration, Team working (google drive)

  1. (GD) MindMeister 4/762
  2. Mindomo - Mind Mapping Made Easy - Chrome Web Store
  3. 4/93 (sketch, mind-maps, share)
  4. Coggle 5/184 (notes, mind-maps share)

GD Convert Files (google drive)

  1. (GD) Office Templates to Google Docs 4/23 (Convert MS Office Templates, Docs, Files to ...
  2. DriveConverter 3/337
  3. (works with google drive) CloudConvert 4/1062 ( 200 formats, convert anything to anything)

GD Edit Audio/Music (google drive)

  1. (GD) Audio Converter 4/569
  2. Beautiful Audio Editor - Chrome Web Store

GD File View (google drive)

  1. XML, JSON Viewer with Drive 3/31 (XML, JSON Viewer)
  2. XML, JSON Viewer with Drive - Chrome Web Store
  3. 3D STL, OBJ Viewer with Drive - Chrome Web Store

GD New (google drive)

  1. Speed-Uploader for Google Drive - Chrome Web Store

GD Image Editors (google drive)

  1. Polarr Photo Editor 3 for Google Drive - Chrome Web Store
  2. Pixlr Editor 4/5157
  3. BeFunky Photo Editor 4/3730
  4. Photo Editor With Drive 3/84 (Webcam Capture, Open & Save to Drive, Rotate, Crop Image,...
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