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Create clickable links from text

  1. Text Link 5/40 (Create clickable links from plain text. Supports Autopager, any URL(eve...
  2. Clickable Links - Chrome Web Store

Unusual, Single (links/urls)

  1. Copy Link Name 3/49

Links on the Webpage

  1. (search from omnibar) EzPick 0/0 (navigate to links on a page easily by searching links...

QR (links/urls)

  1. QR-код из URL 4/75 (Shows QR of current webpage)

Check Links for Broken / Look for Broken Links

  1. Check My Links - Chrome Web Store

Make clickable Link from Text URL

  1. Clickable Links 4/107 (Turns unclickable urls & email addresses into clickable ones)
  2. Text Link 5/38 (Create clickable links from plain text)
  3. Text URL Linker 5/132 (replace URL with link element)

Make link to Text (link/url) (instalink analogs)

  1. Nimbus Clipper (заменяет dragdis, instalink) 4/38
  2. Instalink 5/22 (Creates an online link for text selections and clipboard content instan...
  3. TLDRify 3/2 (link text on webpage) (safari)

Monetizable Links

  1. Skimlinks Editor tool - Chrome Web Store

Open Multiple URLs/Links at once

  1. Snap Links Lite 4/213 (Drag with right mouse button and open links)
  2. Open Selected Links 4/24 (via context menu)
  3. Multi-links 5/7
  4. Multilink 4/19
  5. Linkclump 5/1951 (add to bookmarks/open/copy multiple links at the same time) (filter l...
  6. Multi Link Opener 4/7 (Capture image URL to clipboard Download Add Bookmark)

Extract Data From Webpage / Scrapers (links/urls)

  1. ScreenScraper - Chrome Web Store
  2. Regex Scraper - Chrome Web Store
  3. Web Scraper 4/171 (Using this extension you can create a plan (sitemap) how a web site ...
  4. Scraper 4/167
  5. Data Scraper 4/67
  6. Link Grabber 5/25 (Extracts links from an HTML page and display them in another tab)

Redirect / Remove Redirect (links)

  1. LinkRedirector 4/20
  2. LinkRedirector 4/20 (Redirects any links to your arbitrary address by customizable filt...
  3. Fix Url Links Redirect 3/5 (Removes the URL link redirect and takes you direct to desti...

Links to Tabs & Tabs to links

  1. OpenList 5/18 (analog to LinkClump) (List of URLs to Tabs и наоборот)

    (analog to LinkClump) Tabs <--->Links

  2. Linkclump 5/1951 (add to bookmarks/open/copy multiple links at the same time) (filter l...
Comments or thoughts?
  1. A visitor · over 2 years ago Suggested for Extract Data From Webpage / Scrapers (links/urls)

  2. jenifer brooks
    jenifer brooks · almost 4 years ago Suggested

  3. ZinkMovies
    ZinkMovies · almost 4 years ago Suggested

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