Safety (Malware, Check Websites, Phishing, Protect My Info)

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Passwords Reveal / Unmask / Show

  1. Password Peek 4/31 (Unmask the contents of a password field with a simple click!)
  2. Unmask Password - Chrome Web Store
  3. Show Password - Chrome Web Store

Make Passwords Stronger

  1. Password Hasher Plus 4/49 ( automatically enhances password strength (length and diffic...

Generate Passwords

  1. CryptoPass 5/15
  2. 123 Password - Chrome Web Store
  3. Cygen (based on SuperGenPass) - Chrome Web Store
  4. PawHash - Chrome Web Store
  5. SuperGenPass for Google Chrome™ by Denis - Chrome Web Store
  6. SuperGenPass with Shortcut Keys 4/12

Other (Safety)

  1. Avira Browser Safety 4/1058
  2. HTTPS Everywhere - Chrome Web Store
  3. KB SSL Enforcer 4/257 (This extension enforces encryption for websites that support it ...

    This is particularly important on insecure networks, such as public wifi in e.g. coffee shops and ho

Protect Privacy / Protect My Info / Protect Personal Information (safety)

  1. Vanilla Cookie Manager 5/404 (Protect Privacy. Automatically removes unwanted cookies)
  2. MyPermissions Cleaner 5/50 (Protect Your Personal Information - Get Real time alerts wh...
  3. MaskMe 5/910 (Now you never have to give out your personal information online again)

Check Link / Website for Safety

  1. Secure Browsing 4/2 (Prior to clicking any link, make sure that is safe. Check links an...
  2. Advanced SystemCare Surfing Protection 4/238 (check whether a website is safe to open) ...
  3. WOT: Web of Trust 5/4867 (Check out any website for reputation and safety information b...

    Check out any website for reputation and safety information based on users’ experience.

  4. Safe Preview 5/92 (Before to jump to any website, make sure that it is safe.)

    Before to jump to any website, make sure that it is safe.

  5. Dr.Web Anti-Virus Link Checker 5/1817 (Dr.Web online anti-virus for checking links. Acc...

Dunno for what (Safety)

  1. LocalStorage Monitor 4/12 (Flags when a site is using local storage)

Phishing protection

  1. Web Protector - Reliable Phishing Protection 4/83 (analyses each website you visit for ...
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