Safety (Malware, Check Websites, Phishing, Protect My Info)

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Passwords Reveal / Unmask / Show

  1. Password Peek 4/31 (Unmask the contents of a password field with a simple click!)
  2. Unmask Password - Chrome Web Store
  3. Show Password - Chrome Web Store

Generate Passwords

  1. CryptoPass 5/15
  2. 123 Password - Chrome Web Store
  3. Cygen (based on SuperGenPass) - Chrome Web Store
  4. PawHash - Chrome Web Store
  5. SuperGenPass for Google Chrome™ by Denis - Chrome Web Store
  6. SuperGenPass with Shortcut Keys 4/12

Other (Safety)

  1. Avira Browser Safety 4/1058
  2. HTTPS Everywhere - Chrome Web Store
  3. KB SSL Enforcer 4/257 (This extension enforces encryption for websites that support it as much as currently possible in Chrome)

    This is particularly important on insecure networks, such as public wifi in e.g. coffee shops and ho

Protect Privacy / Protect My Info / Protect Personal Information (safety)

  1. Vanilla Cookie Manager 5/404 (Protect Privacy. Automatically removes unwanted cookies)
  2. MyPermissions Cleaner 5/50 (Protect Your Personal Information - Get Real time alerts when apps access your information and files)
  3. MaskMe 5/910 (Now you never have to give out your personal information online again)

Dunno for what (Safety)

  1. LocalStorage Monitor 4/12 (Flags when a site is using local storage)

Phishing protection

  1. Web Protector - Reliable Phishing Protection 4/83 (analyses each website you visit for phishing signs)
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