1-Tabs: Menu, Group, Search, Save

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Sort by Title/Url

  1. Tab Position Options 5/24 (sort tabs by title/url with shortcut) (the tab opening posit...

Menu & Search & Group

  1. Search Plus 4/27 (search by Specific Words; You can operate found tabs: 1-close tabs...

Tabs Save & Restore (Session Managers)

  1. Tab Archiver 5/9 (saves and closes your currently open tabs to a list)
  2. (save all opened tabs to groups with name) TabHamster 4/27 (Save tabs to Groups)
  3. Oh My Tabs! 5/14 (save sessions)
  4. Tab Out! 5/5 (save & close all tabs)
  5. (no drag & drop) Awesome Window & Tab Manager 4/16
  6. Tabs saver 4/165
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