Interface (except bookmarks)

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Google (interface)

  1. Proper Menubar 4/124 (Add back the black menubar below the omnibox)

extensions: Enable/Disable All at once

  1. Quick Start 4/53 (turn on/off all exts) (chrome starts with all extensions off)
  2. (turn off ALL extensions at once) Disable Extensions Temporarily 4/70
  3. (turn exts on/off by 1/all) One Click 5/17 (Right click the extension name to uninstall.)
  4. (Weakest analog) (turn on/off exts by one) Extension Switch 5/9

    (turn on/off exts by one)

extensions: Other

  1. My Extensions 5/238
  2. Extensions Update Notifier 5/157
  3. Old extension log 4/5 (Keeps track of extensions and apps you used to have, but uninsta...
  4. (????) Extensions Reloader 4/49

(Interface) Useless

  1. Bookmark Manager 4/1291 (save images, notes, share, sort by topic, sync)

Apps & Exts managers

  1. Context 5/258
  2. (Best Apps&Ext Manager) SimpleExtManager 5/310
  3. AppJump 5/316 (app&ext organizer)
  4. Extensity 5/363 (The Weakest Apps&Exts Manager from all) (Turn On/Off All Exts in 1 Click)
  5. Extensity 5/337 (extensions manager)
  6. Extensions Manager (aka Switcher) 5/509 (apps, exts, themes manager)
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