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Tab Slideshow

  1. (url slideshow) Urlando 5/2 (Cycles through user defined URLs in user defined intervals)
  2. Tab Slideshow - Chrome Web Store
  3. Tab Slideshow Plus - Chrome Web Store

tabs Backup

  1. Tabs Backup & Restore - Chrome Web Store
  2. KPRenameTitle 5/1

Sync Tabs/Sessions, Cross Browser Session

  1. Splashtop Collaborative Browser - Chrome Web Store
  2. FreshStart - Cross Browser Session Manager - Chrome Web Store
  3. Real-Time Tab Sync 4/20 (Keeps the same tabs on all your machines. Tab changes are appl...

Suspend inactive tabs

  1. Unload 3/9
  2. Tab Hibernation - Chrome Web Store
  3. Tab Suspender 5/90
  4. Tabs Outliner 5/2088 [ Features: 1)Tree Style for Open/Closed tabs; 2)Annotat...
  5. The Great Suspender 4/1492 (Automatically suspends unused tabs to free up system resour...

Close tabs by Domain/Same Website

  1. Bulky close tabs 0/0 (Close multiple tabs by hostnames or position)
  2. Wiki Walk Escape 5/5 (Easily close all tabs from one site)

Close multiple tabs

  1. Close Tabs 4/131 (via context menu)

Last Tab (prevent close window)

  1. SimpleLastTab 4/9

Dunno/Not Understanded tabs

  1. Open PinnedTab Link - Chrome Web Store
  2. (???) Unique Tabs 5/5 (Upon opening a new tab or navigating to a new page, this extensi...

Copy tabs to Clipboard & restore tabs from clipboard

  1. Copy All Urls 5/137 (clipboard to tabs & tabs to clipboard) (Copy tabs to clipboard) (o...
  2. Tab Grouper - Chrome Web Store

Save closed tabs

  1. Recycle Bin 4/69 ( Automatically records the closed tabs in order to retrieve it back)...

    Automatically records the closed tabs in order to retrieve it back

Close 1 tab

  1. Close Tab 5/38

Automatically Close inactive tabs & save them to restore later

  1. Tab Memory Purge 4/64
  2. Tab Keeper - Chrome Web Store
  3. Tab Snooze 5/1195 (Close unnecessary tabs and make them magically reappear when you nee...
  4. Tab Shepherd 5/18 (tab wrangler analog) (Automatically closes inactive tabs and makes i...
  5. Tab Wrangler 5/550 (tab shepherd analog) (Automatically closes inactive tabs and makes...

Useless tabs

  1. PanicButton 5/2709 (Hide all your tabs at once with one single button and restore them ...
  2. TooManyTabs 4/1400
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