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For Google Search

  1. Personal Blocklist (by Google) 4/2074 (Blocks domains/hosts from appearing in your Goog...

Quick Search / Immidiately Search Highlighted Text

  1. Select Search 5/102 (Popup search in google, wikipedia, twitter)
  2. Highlight Search Professional 5/2 (IMMIDIATELY Search Highlighted text)

Dunno (Search Tools)

  1. GetFormsOnline - Chrome Web Store
  2. G Links 4/15

Search the Current Site / Search in Website

  1. In-Site Search - Chrome Web Store
  2. Search the current site 5/218
  3. Search Helper 4/7

Voice Search

  1. GNow Voice Search - Chrome Web Store
  2. Easy Voice Search - Chrome Web Store
  3. GNow Voice Search - Chrome Web Store
  4. GooNow - Voice Search 4/212

Drag & Drop Search

  1. DragIt! 5/21 (Drag & drop links or selected text to open/search in new tab. Drag right ...

No Need (search tools)

  1. plugin - Chrome Web Store
  2. Select Search - Chrome Web Store

Website's Summary/Keywords/Annotations

  1. Pearls Extension 5/41 (Always highlight a set of words stored for chosen webpages)
  2. Word Cloud Website Preview - Chrome Web Store

Search with Multiple Search Engines / Search with Many Search Engines

  1. The Search 5/12 (Via Popup & Context Menu)
  2. Instair 4/37 (Search highlighted words in Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Amazon etc) (Shar...
  3. All search engines on your new tab 5/78
  4. Search All 4/17 (Search text, images and videos in Google, Facebook, Youtube, Wikipedia...
  5. All in one web searcher - Chrome Web Store
  6. Search Switch - Chrome Web Store

Highlight words

  1. MultiHighlighter 4/100 (MultiHighlighter allows multi-word searching/highlighting on al...

Search Preview

  1. search-preview 5/69 (Google™ search preview, Google™ Instant Previews)
  2. search-preview - Chrome Web Store
  3. SearchPreview - Chrome Web Store

Advanced Find Text / cmd-f / Search text on Webpage (search tools) (Find on Page / command-F / cmd+f / cmdf)

  1. Multi-highlight 4/124
  2. Find Many Strings 3/30
  3. efTwo (F2) - Advanced Find on Page 3/211 (Find one or more words on a page and don't wo...

Search in Many Search Engines via Context Menu (search tools)

  1. Context Menu Search 5/427
  2. Context Menus 5/305 (The extended menu, integrated 300+ function menu and super drag li...
  3. Simple = Select + Search 5/117 (Right click on selected text to search on multiple sear...

(???) (Old) All/Dump Search tools

  1. Pixsy 4/10 (Use Pixsy to more efficiently do the stuff that you do everyday... from the...
  2. Quick Find for Google Chrome™ 5/28 (I’ve always wanted the ability to see all the searc...
  3. SearchBar - Chrome Web Store

Show Related Bookmarks/Notes (search tools)

  1. Find My Bookmarks 5/25
  2. SiteBookmarks 4/8 (View your bookmarks on the current site from the context (right-clic...
  3. SiteBookmarks 4/8 (View your bookmarks on the current site from the context (right-clic...
  4. Find My Bookmarks 5/24 (Find all your related bookmarks for the current website)

Search via Omnibox (search tools)

  1. !!! URL Alias Rewrite 5/12 (gives you quicker access to your favorite sites and service...

New (search tools)

  1. Instair - Chrome Web Store
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