Web Collectors (Bookmarks Online, Webclippers)

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Collect All + Social

  1. Pearltrees Extension 5/234 (Social Web Collector) (Collect web pages, files, photos or ...

Annotate, Highlight, Tag Webpages and PDF Documents (URL-Specific Notes / Notes for Webpages)

  1. Simple Highlighter (deprecated) 4/365
  2. URL Specific Notepad - AnnoPad 5/83
  3. Annotary 4/33 (Highlight and annotate the web, share your notes, learn from others)
  4. Yawas 4/109 (Highlight web pages in multiple colors. Stored online in Google Bookmarks ...
  5. Webtags 5/76 (Annotation tool that remembers the scroll offset of webpages) (A simple n...
  6. Page Marker 3/58 ( Draw directly on any website in realtime without the hassle of takin...

Collect Screenshots, Webpages and Articles

  1. Send to OneNote - Chrome Web Store
  2. Evernote Web Clipper - Chrome Web Store
  3. OneNote Clipper - Chrome Web Store


  1. IwillriL - Unnoficial Pocket Client - Chrome Web Store
  2. Save All Tabs to Pocket 5/6


  1. ChromeToPaper (instapaper) 5/86


  1. Readability 721 (read articles/news, reading list, read later)
  2. Permanent Readability 5/11

2-Bookmarks Online (Normal)

  1. (payed) Bookmax Add 5/15
  2. (payed) Bookmax - Bookmark Manager
  3. Surfon (ios, safari, chrome) (bookmarks web)
  4. Evorch 4/234 (bookmarks web in cloud) (chrome only)

3-Bookmarks Online (No Import, Not for Mac)

  1. Clearly Bookmarks 4/7 (visual, thumbnails) (tags)
  2. (!!!) Saved.io (Save Bookmarks from Omnibox) (No Import) 4/10

4-Bookmarks Online (Bad)

  1. Extension for HeapNote 5/10 (Quickly save selected text by right-click. Easy bookmarks ...

Save webpages for Later (for Offline Reading)

  1. PageArchiver 4/142 (Helps you to archive web pages for offline reading)
  2. Save it for later 5/3

Collect Images

  1. Image Gallery 5/12 (Image Gallery save images and photos from any website. Later you ca...
  2. Walstaful 5/3 (A content sharing service that allows members to pin images, videos. Als...
  3. Image Gallery 5/12
  4. (analog to wookmark) Justaple Stapling Tool 5/22 (chinese) (save everything of the webp...
  5. Dragdis (drag&drop) (easy to share image link) 5/190 (collect images) (?text?)

    5/190 drag&drop, easy to share image (collect images)

  6. (analog to Justaple) Wookmark 5/16 (Collect your favorite images and videos)

    5/16, ios Collect All images from webpage. Search related images. Shows image info.

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