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Notes with Web Access

  1. Memo Notepad 5/2473
  2. Memo Notepad 5/2447 (ios, sync with clouds)
  3. Fetchnotes (popup) (notes, share, task managment, productivity, ios)
  4. MomoNote: iPhone, Memo, Sync (notes, ios, chrome)
  5. Nimbus Note (+screenshots +clipper) 5/261 (clip pictures) (ios) (notes)

    (+nimbus screenshots +nimbus clipper) (clip pictures to notes)

Unusual (Notes)

  1. 4/56 (Take Notes from Videos)
  2. Shakespeare 0/0 (With Shakespeare you can save notes by website path.)

    With Shakespeare you can save notes by website path.

Sticky Notes

  1. Self-stick notes - Chrome Web Store
  2. Scribble 4/294 (sticky notes)
  3. (best) Note Board 5/1788
  4. Доска Заметок 5/1788 (sync)
  5. Web Page Sticky Notes 4/84 (for web pages) (import, fonts)
  6. (good) Sticky Notes 4/102 (google drive sync) (color, font)
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