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Latest from Visa Vision

  1. NEW! In the lead, yet still catching up
  2. NEW! Digital Danes: The second cashless society?
  3. TFL turnstiles and million milestones

    by Kevin Jenkins

  4. VIDEO: Kevin Jenkins talks to the Telegraph
  5. How should retailers do social commerce?

    by Charlotte Desbons

  6. Why online won this Christmas

    by Kevin Jenkins

Payment Security

  1. Cutting through the noise around financial technology
  2. Can Retail Security Keep Up With Payment Tech?
  3. Retina scans the future of security?

    it seems so.

  4. What's ahead for fraud in 2016?


  5. Warm welcome for PSDII


  6. Making X-Border Commerce Safe

Apple Pay

  1. Google beats Apple in Australia
  2. Survey: People aren't really using Apple Pay
  3. Apple Pay 1 year on.

    1 year on, what do we think? opinion is divided...

  4. Apple unbundling

    How is Apple responding to the absence of mass adoption?

  5. Apple Pay to drive 100% contactless growth

    By 2017 a predicted doubling of contactless usage, driven by Apple Pay

Digital Banking

  1. BNP Paribas test contactless displays
  2. Inside the Bank of England

    The Bank of England has acquired more power than it has ever had in its 321-year history...

  3. JPMorgan Chase anounce Chase Pay
  4. Can FinTech Disrupt Big Banking?

    Bloomberg looks at how FinTech can influence traditional banking models

  5. [video] Customer is key in banking

    Jonathan Davis of FIS explains a fundamental shift in banking's priorities.

  6. MasterCard's CEO on Q4 2015 Results


  1. The Uncertain Future of Education
  2. EU votes 'for innovation' in payments

    interesting take on the pro-innovation message behind the recent EU vote.

  3. "Kill the Innovators!"

    A great piece on how not to regulate an industry

  4. Govts and Fintech Regulation

    Why governments should carefully consider the implications of tougher regulation on fintech.

Social Media

  1. Twitter's new 10k character limit


  2. Facebook / Uber team up
  3. Belgians forced to login for Facebook access

    Privacy mavens will probably be happy with Facebook’s concessions in Belgium, but page owners? Nope.

  4. Why Facebook, PayPal et al are growing
  5. The Decay of Twitter

    Since it went public two years ago, investors have rarely considered Twitter’s prospects rosy.

  6. Follow these 7 people on Twitter

    More opportunity to optimise your account and further your reach!


  1. Bitcoin, darknet making harder to track child abuse
  2. Beyond the Blockchain

    That's *beyond* the Blockchain

  3. Anarchists love 2015's top asset

    Yep: Bitcoin.

  4. 4 Predictions for Blockchain in 2016

    Actual predictions though, not hype.

  5. Goldman Sachs wants its own bitcoin

    Goldman Sachs has developed its own cryptocurrency for a settlement system for trading stocks, bonds

  6. Priority blockchain transactions from BTCC
Comments or thoughts?
  1. Cristina Canonaco
    Cristina Canonaco · over 8 years ago

    http://www.wired.com/2015/11/facebook-banning-tsu-rival-social-network/ Suggested for Social Media

  2. A visitor · over 8 years ago

    http://www.theguardian.com/business/2015/nov/10/inside-bank-of-england Suggested for Regulation

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