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I made a website to replace this board.

  1. WebdevHome


  1. Can I use...
  2. CSS selectors

    Detailed CSS selector browser support table.

  3. modern.ie

    Current status of web standard features in MS Edge.

  4. Webbrowser Timeline
  5. Virtual Machines by Microsoft

    Official VMs to test various Internet Explorer/Edge versions on different Windows versions.

Google Chrome

  1. Chromium Status
  2. Chromium Development Calendar
  3. Google Chrome Releases

    RSS Feed: Google Chrome Releases

  4. Chrome App JavaScript API

    JavaScript API for Chrome Apps

  5. Get version number of your Chrome App

    The more interesting method is mentioned in the comment section.

  6. Issue 79180

    Implement CSS Grid Layout


  1. HTML Head Content
  2. HTML element reference
  3. Browser Hacks
  4. Manifest for a web application

    Manifest to define an application (not the cache manifest!)

  5. Structured Data Testing Tool

    Testing Tool for schema.org attributes

Web and other projects

  1. Accelerated Mobile Pages Project
  2. chromium/ballista

    An interoperability system for the modern web. (open file with <web app>)


  1. Markdown

    Official documentation

  2. PHP Markdown Extra
  3. Commonmark

    A strongly specified, highly compatible implementation of Markdown

  4. Markua

    A superset of Markdown for books and documents


  1. Building a Maintainable and Scalable CSS Codebase with ITCSS
  2. PostCSS

    A tool for transforming CSS with JavaScript.

  3. Gutenberg

    A Meaningful Web Typography Starter Kit

  4. CSS Front-end frameworks

    Comparison of CSS front-end frameworks

  5. QuirksMode - CSS
  6. RSCSS

    Reasonable Standard for CSS Structure


  1. Sass

    Syntactically Awesome Style Sheets

  2. Susy

    Sass toolkit for creating grids

  3. Learning Susy



Twitter Bootstrap

  1. Bootstrap Datagrid

    [Bootstrap] Adds functionality to Bootstrap tables like filtering, moving and hiding columns

Material Design

  1. Material Design

    Official Material Design Website

  2. Material icons - Google Design

    Official Material Design icons

  3. Material Palette

    Material Design Color Palette Generator


  1. Webappers

    Open Source web resources

  2. Zebra Kit

    A HTML5 UI Kit based on the canvas element.

  3. Building Better Interfaces with SVG
  4. Rukzuk
  5. Watch people code


  1. netcup.de

    SSL certificates

  2. Let's Encrypt

    Free SSL certificates

Static Site Generators

  1. DocPad
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