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Development Resources


Sites that offer development help, or searchable assets and documents

  1. Continuous Integration and Delivery - CircleCI
  2. The 4 Types of Creative Website Scrolling Patterns
  3. Testing APIs Using React Components | Alfresco Community
  4. ADLK / Stefan Malzner
  5. Hire.Bid | Chop Dawg
  6. I Connect You | FF 91 | Faraday Future

Learning Resources


Sites that offer Courses, or Textbooks

  1. Courses
  2. OpenStax College

    Free Textbooks from Gates Foundation

  3. Udacity
  4. Saylor Academy
  5. Pluralsight -Developer, IT and Creative Training
  6. Lynda

Front End


sites that serve front end resources, communities, or inspiration

  1. Material Design, Daily – MaterialUp
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