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Other HW modules

  1. Présentation F&R log

Interesting Links


Links about different topics received during HW experience

  1. HIGHWAY EWM deployment
  2. Smart Form Language Translation - Step by Step procedure - ABAP Development - SCN Wiki
  3. Home | SAP Support Portal
  4. HIGHWAY teams - Google+
  5. CAR Bangalore Tutorial website
  6. HIGHWAY teams - Google+

EWM training and workshops

  1. HWLOG SWH - Feedbacks from the field - Hojas de cálculo de Google
  2. EWM Basics Workshop | HowToLog
  3. EWM Basic Formation | HowToLog
  4. EWM Intermediate Formation | HowToLog

Internal Moves


All movements related with the stock management

  1. HW_internals_training - V3.16.pptx - Presentaciones de Google
  2. HW_ZCUS_LOG-03-04 - Physical inventory - Documentos de Google
  3. HW_ZCUS_LOG-03-02 - Internal Warehouse Move_V07 - Documentos de Google
  4. ZBPR_LOG03.02_InternalWarehouseMoves_HighwayV3.0.pdf - Google Drive
  5. Internal Processes (training from external SAP expert)
  6. HW_internals_training - V3.16.pptx - Presentaciones de Google
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