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  1. Best gij
  2. Fake A Hollywood Hacker Screen in Linux Terminal
  3. Salt
  4. Sym Gif


  1. DJIA - Dow Jones Industrial Average - CNNMoney

Cool Websites

  1. Instructables - How to make anything
  2. Train your attention, memory and thinking at Wikium. ::
  3. How will you tell the world?
  4. Brickflow tumblr
  5. 100,000 Stars
  6. Mathway | Math Problem Solver

Funny Stuff

  1. Dank Frog Meme
  2. You're not even a real journalism - YouTube
  3. The Existential Nihilist
  4. Funny Seal
  5. Sticky Buddy Dub - YouTube
  6. Dva Spasm
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