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  1. WOSS on Facebook
  2. WOSS Public Site
  3. Westmoreland OSS on Youtube
  4. WestmorelandOSS/WOSS_Public - Gitter

    Our Public Gitter Channel


  1. GitHub
  2. Git GUI Clients
  3. Git for Windows - Download

Text Editors

  1. sublimetext.com

    Paul's Preferred Editor

  2. Atom

    Mel's Preferred Editor

  3. Codeanywhere

    Browser based development environment

  4. c9.io

Lecture Suplemental

  1. Convert HTML to HAML
  2. SassMeister | The Sass Playground!
  3. Bourbon Neat Examples
  4. Gitter — Where developers come to talk.
  5. Sass-lang.com
  6. Rubygems.org


  1. ruby-lang.org

    Comprehensive Information About the Ruby Language

  2. RailsInstaller

    An out of date one click installer for rails. For now Use RubyInstaller and add the devkit

  3. Install Rails | Your Guide for Installing Ruby on Rails
  4. oneclick/rubyinstaller
  5. Try Ruby: learn the basics of the Ruby language in your browser.
  6. Rails for Zombies by Code School

    Both tryruby.org and railsforzombies.org are codeschool.com free classes for Ruby.


  1. Scala Download

    If you are just starting out with Scala I would recommend the Typesafe Activator. It is very cool!

  2. Scala-Lang

Communication Tools

  1. Gitter — Where developers come to talk.
  2. Zoom.us

    Remote Pairing and conferencing service. 1:1 meetings for screen sharing are free.


  1. nodejs.org
Comments or thoughts?
  1. Sailor Moon Costumes
    Sailor Moon Costumes (follows this board) · about 1 year ago

    I love this board ;)

  2. Dragon Ball Z Merchandise
    Dragon Ball Z Merchandise (follows this board) · over 1 year ago

    Great links collection!

  3. Samantha Shurie
    Samantha Shurie (follows this board) · almost 2 years ago

    I am finally just checking this site out. I don't know why I didn't sooner, this is way better than how I was organizing my links on pinterest! One we learned about today: tryruby.org

  4. rrmarshall
    rrmarshall (follows this board) · about 2 years ago

    This is great! Thank you so much for setting this up.

  5. srtinkey
    srtinkey · about 2 years ago

    https://rubygems.org/ Suggested for Lectures

  6. srtinkey
    srtinkey · about 2 years ago

    http://sass-lang.com/ Suggested for Lectures

  7. srtinkey
    srtinkey · about 2 years ago

    http://neat.bourbon.io/examples/ Suggested for Lectures

  8. srtinkey
    srtinkey · about 2 years ago

    http://sassmeister.com/ Suggested for Lectures

  9. srtinkey
    srtinkey · about 2 years ago

    http://htmltohaml.com/ Suggested for Lectures

  10. WOSSLinks
    WOSSLinks (created this board) · about 2 years ago

    Also to note it looks less cluttered if you view it not logged in, as the rest of the group would.

  11. WOSSLinks
    WOSSLinks (created this board) · about 2 years ago

    Tis no problemo! Think it may be a nice resource for us.

  12. Paul Scarrone
    Paul Scarrone (follows this board) · about 2 years ago

    When I first looked at this I thought it was a cluttered mess but now I like it. Thanks for setting this up.

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