Marionnettes ressources

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Centres de Ressources

  1. Takey - the world of the puppetry
  2. Center for Puppetry Arts_Home
  3. Hand Puppets & Puppet Shows: Video Series | eHow Videos
  4. Puppets And Stuff - A Community On The Web For Puppeteers
  5. Sagecraft
  6. Unima

    Union Internationale de la Marionnette


  1. Les Marmousets - spectacle de marionnettes
  2. Théâtre d'illusia
  3. Mainstring - Théâtre de Marionnettes à Fils
  4. Moving Puppet Productions
  5. Théâtre de Guignols Chignolo - Photos, Galerie
  6. Coup de Thèâtre Cie

Création internationale

  1. Doorway Puppet Theater – Portable Theaters
  2. Puppet Heap | Character Design, Puppet Fabrication, and Production
  3. Titerenet: Teatro de títeres y marionetas
  4. Monsterworkshop
  5. Pendel-Marionetten Verkauf
  6. Stan Winston School of Character Arts
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