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Video Tutorials


Video tutorials both business and tech.

  1. Home - Udacity
  2. Learn Swift: The Complete iOS8 Developer Course - Udemy



The are some CocoaPods that may be useful for the app. Most of them will be links to github repositories.

  1. cocoatoucher/AIFlatSwitch: A flat component alternative to UISwitch on iOS
  2. matteocrippa/awesome-swift - Swift
  3. Alamofire/AlamofireImage: AlamofireImage is an image component library for Alamofire
  4. AFNetworking/AFNetworking: A delightful networking framework for iOS, OS X, watchOS, an...
  5. Marxon13/M13InfiniteTabBar
  6. hyperoslo/Whisper

Written Tutorials


Tutorials on software development and other useful things.

  1. Design+Code: Learn iOS design and Xcode
  2. Apache Kafka
  3. Apache Kafka: Simulating and Transporting the Real-Time Event Stream with Apache Kafka

    This tutorial is for setting up a kafka cluster to handle real time data.

iOS Development Documentation


Links to relevant documentation, guidelines and resources.

  1. Collection View Basics
  2. SwiftToolbox
  3. Wolg/awesome-swift
  4. Introduction to Core Data Programming Guide
  5. iOS Developer Library

Software Dev. Research


Research about different software development topics from front-end to backend and everything in between.

  1. Engineering.Pinterest
  2. Node Summit: Big Data and Node.js - Developer Center - Joyent

Backend Technology Options For Decision Making


This is only for the main pages of the backend technologies that are up for consideration.

  1. Get Started with Elasticsearch | Elastic
  2. Django REST framework
  3. DreamFactory | Open Source REST API Backend
  4. AWS Free Tier | Try Amazon Cloud Services, Free

General Developer Guides & Tools

  1. Vagrant: What, Why, and How - Tuts+ Code Tutorial

    Virtual Machine Management

  2. Mastering Markdown
  3. Keen IO - Analytics for Developers
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