Politics of Knowedge

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Science & knowledge


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  1. Medicine's gender revolution: how women stopped being treated as 'small men'
  2. Who are you calling 'anti-science'? How science serves social and political agendas
  3. Medicine Is Getting More Precise … For White People | FiveThirtyEight
  4. Map correctness and its consequences | Lentz family blog
  5. Blood pressure of 130 is the new 'high'
  6. Propaganda War Maps

PSY critiques


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  1. R.D. Laing Summary
  2. Ruminations on Madness
  3. Social Materialist Psychology of Distress
  4. Autistic explosions abound
  5. Defining autism - narrowing 'normal'?
  6. Notes From Psychiatry's Battle Lines - The New York Times

Politics of Knowledge


Bookmarks / Other bookmarks / Politics of Knowledge

  1. How different cultures experience pain
  2. Knowledge for social change (Hivos)
  3. The biggest mistake in the history of science
  4. What’s in the name 'homeless'? How people see themselves and the labels we apply matter
  5. Are binary oppositions real
  6. Torture & Psychology
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