Identity - 'Race'

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race, science & medicine


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  1. Genes for Skin Color Rebut Dated Notions of Race, Researchers Say - The New York Times
  2. Teaching about Scientific Racism — Cultural Anthropology
  3. Crania Americana -the most important book in the history of scientific racism - YouTube
  4. The Anatomy of a Medical Myth
  5. Black patients half as likely to receive pain medication as white patients, study finds...
  6. Teaching medical students to challenge 'unscientific' racial categories

race as social construct


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  1. How a shifting definition of 'white' helped shape U.S. immigration policy | PBS NewsHour
  2. How Real Is Race?
  3. Racial identity is a biological nonsense, says Reith lecturer | Society | The Guardian
  4. There Is No Such Thing as Race
  5. The myth of race, debunked in 3 minutes - YouTube
  6. I’m a bit brown. But in America I’m white. Not for much longer| Arwa Mahdawi | Opinion ...



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  1. Historically Black Podcast | APM Reports
  2. Center on Race and Social Problems | University of Pittsburgh
  3. Podcast - Race & Identity remixed
  4. Dave Chappelle and his white friend Chip - YouTube
  5. 70+ Race Resources for White People
  6. Colorlines - news site

Culture & diversity


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  1. Why stereotypes are bad even when they're 'good' | Oliver Burkeman | News | theguardian...
  2. Managing Cultural Diversity (Gov)
  3. Culture Matters
  4. Difference Differently
  5. UK Equality and Human Rights Commission
  6. Teaching about identity, diversity and democracy-some thoughts and ideas from ACT | Ass...
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