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Manual Testing Services

  1. How to Save Time in Manual Software Testing?
  2. My Story: How to Earn well by choosing Manual Software Testing field as a Fresher?
  3. Become a Manual Software Tester using the following Agile Methodologies

    If a want to be a best Manual Software Tester use following Agile Methodologies and hired by a best

  4. How Does Cloud Automation Affect Manual Testing?
  5. Difference between Dynamics AX 7 and Dynamics 365: A Fresh Outlook!
  6. Some Benefits of a Dynamics AX Support Plan You Must Know!

Software Consulting Company


All About Software Consulting Company, NEWS, Latest Data, Informations etc.

  1. Data Scientists and Their Harder Skills than Big Data
  2. 8 Digital Trends in 2018 which any Software Consulting Company in India must have to fo...

Software Testing


All About Software testing, its application, news, latest information etc.

  1. Defining Particular Rule To Every Member of Testing Team Is an Art
  2. What are the Factors Defining Tester Developer Ratio? - Blog
  3. The Current Affairs of AI in Business and Enterprise use - PurelyThemes
  4. Bringing Development and Operations Closer Together

Software Development


All About Outsourcing, Offshoring, Software development and software companies in India.

  1. Agile development and security: Are you doing it right? - JAXenter
  2. Recruitment Process: New light with tools of AI
  3. Creating Custom Best Practices Checks In Dynamics AX
  4. Free QA Automation Tools Tutorials
  5. List of Skills for fresher to Hire By IT Companies
  6. Why all software engineers are not fit for software development jobs …

Why Traditional CRM Is Not Sufficient To Maximize Sales Performance?


In today’s Fast running world, every business wants to stay ahead of its competitors and that is why they seek for technologies that can hel

  1. Dynamics 365: Consumption, their Channel, and Introduction to Tenerife
  2. Enhanced New Microsoft Excel Work Experience With MS CRM
  3. Using Dynamics CRM to Run Social Media Campaigns
  4. Adding or Removing users from Sandbox Instance in Dynamics CRM
  5. Giving Microsoft Dynamics AX the Cloud-First Edge
  6. A New Face For A New Future: Project Accounting Module In Microsoft Dynamics AX 2012
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