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Manual Testing Services

  1. Great Opportunity for Career in Manual Testing

    IT field is one of the most leading sectors of career where there are various types of jobs develope

  2. Manual software testing - Best software testing

    software must be error or bug-free when we use it so it must have to pass through the testing proced

  3. What are the advantages of Manual QA Testing over Automation Testing?

    manual testing is very important for any software it makes software much convenient more than earlie

  4. why Agile Methodology is mostly used by the Manual software tester

    Nowadays Agile Methodology is mostly used by the Manual software tester so here you get that what is

  5. How to Save Time in Manual Software Testing?
  6. My Story: How to Earn well by choosing Manual Software Testing field as a Fresher?

Software Testing Services

  1. Microsoft Dynamics Top Myths Busted!
  2. Compare 5 updated contact form plugins for WordPress
  3. Why You Should Be Thinking Of Microsoft ERP?

    If statistics is anything to go by, one cannot undermine the significance of Microsoft ERP. With Mic

  4. Bringing Up Digital Alteration With Dynamics 365 CRM
  5. 5 Interesting Facts About cyber security You Had No Idea

    In today era, cyber crime is a most dangerous thing that happened to every cyber user.

  6. Your Big Data and Analytics Solutions are trusted Quality Assurance?

    Data is one of the most important factors for anything.Big data is a collection of information that

Software Consulting Company


All About Software Consulting Company, NEWS, Latest Data, Informations etc.

  1. ‘x’ marks the spot: Why Microsoft Dynamics CRM Development Is The Most Versatile Yet

    Microsoft Dynamics CRM has often been touted as an xRM platform. The ‘x’ is used to represent anythi

  2. Some Companies Are Using Microsoft Dynamics Damn Creatively
  3. Start work with Microsoft Azure Media Service

    In this post, we will learn about how to use Microsoft Azure Media we get information about what is

  4. How can QA Staffing Success in this digital generation?

    in this digitalize generation every business needs to expand or explore business.

  5. Improve Finance Management Efficiency Inside Dynamics AX
  6. Importance of software consultancy services for Business

    This is informing you why software consultancy services is require? advantages to your business.

Software Testing


All About Software testing, its application, news, latest information etc.

  1. 10 Software Testing Trend Coming in 2018

    In market of IT each day, new software and technologies come so if you want to go with latest techno

  2. Utilizing Blockchain for Better CRM
  3. Defining Particular Rule To Every Member of Testing Team Is an Art
  4. What are the Factors Defining Tester Developer Ratio? - Blog
  5. The Current Affairs of AI in Business and Enterprise use - PurelyThemes
  6. Bringing Development and Operations Closer Together

Software Development


All About Outsourcing, Offshoring, Software development and software companies in India.

  1. How Microsoft Dynamics AX Helping Industries in Meeting Needs 2018
  2. Bringing Digital Transformation With Dynamics 365 CRM
  3. Life after Go live - A Last Phase Of Dynamics AX Implementation Projects
  4. NexSoftSys - A Software Outsourcing & IT Outsourcing Company

    Now days Software outsourcing is most important thing for any you have must knowledge ab

  5. what type of skills fresher have to get to hire by it companies?

    Now days, freshers want to hire by top it companies so, here is a list of skills that must have in f

  6. inovation in software devlopment according time

    Here you can know software development is most important thing for your system, how to get good soft

Why Traditional CRM Is Not Sufficient To Maximize Sales Performance?


In today’s Fast running world, every business wants to stay ahead of its competitors and that is why they seek for technologies that can hel

  1. Advantages Of Integrating Microsoft Dynamics CRM With Microsoft SharePoint
  2. Changes in ERPs facilitate bots interactions by 2030
  3. Increase Efficiency of Invoice Processing in Dynamics AX
  4. The People and Projects that Inspired me in 2017- Satya Nadella
  5. 7 Reasons Why Microsoft Dynamics AX System Is Healthy!
  6. The Future Of Microsoft Dynamics AX In Business & Enterprise Edition 2018
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