Skyrim Mods

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  1. LOOT

    Use to sort your boot order if you've installed any mods. Ensures all dependencies have been met.

  2. (NMM) Nexus Mod Manager

    This is the tool to install and edit the boot order of mods, unless you want to do this manually...

  3. (SKSE) Skyrim Script Extender on Steam

    Install via Steam. Required by mods which change gameplay or UI elements. Most notable is SkyUI.

  4. TES5Edit

    Tool for cleaning up Dirty Edits. Make sure to do this for the master files after installing mods.


  1. The 100 best Skyrim mods

    Random article where I found a couple of the mods I'm interested in.

  2. Skyrim Mod Tool TES5EDIT : Cleaning your master files (REVISED)

    Step-by-step instructions for how to clean the master files using TES5EDIT.

  3. RealVision ENB

    Has a comprehensive setup guide which is the basis for my Beautification instructions.

  4. Skyrim GEMS

    Lists a number of mods with descriptions sorted into categories.

Fixes and Improvements

  1. (USLEEP) Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch

    Works for regular Skyrim you have all the official DLC installed.

  2. SkyUI



These are in installation order and the instructions assume you own all of the official DLC.

  1. Optimized Vanilla Textures
  2. Ruins Clutter Improved
  3. Step Compare- Fire Effects

    Watch this first and choose which fire effect you prefer.

  4. Cinematic Fire Effects 2 HD
  5. Ultimate HD Fire Effects
  6. HD Enhanced Terrain

Beautification - Extra


Additional beautification mods. Install after the other beautification mods, but no particular order of installation aside from that.

  1. aMidianBorn Book of Silence

    Covers a lot of grounds covered by other mods. Consider as an alternative (don't install both).

  2. Enhanced Blood Textures
  3. Enhanced Night Skyrim
  4. GIANT
  5. Insanitys City Banner Replacer
  6. JK's Skyrim

Beautification - People

  1. ApachiiSkyHair
  2. Brows
  3. The Eyes Of Beauty
  4. RUSTIC CLOTHING - 4K and 2K Textures


  1. Audio Overhaul for Skyrim 2
  2. Dynamic Fires
  3. Even Better Quest Objectives
  4. Guard Dialogue Overhaul
  5. Hardcore Compass Mod
  6. No GPS players map arrow marker

Mechanics Overhauls


This will eventually be broken down into sections for builds as many of the full overhauls will conflict (ie. Genesis, Requiem, SkyRealism).

  1. Archery Gameplay Overhaul
  2. ASIS
  3. Awakened Magicka
  4. Babettes Feast - Improved Cooking
  5. Civil War Overhaul
  6. College of Winterhold Entry Requirements

More Stuff

  1. Armoury of Tamriel
  2. Bandolier - Bags and Pouches
  3. Craftable Horse Barding
  4. Diverse Dragons Collection
  5. Immersive Armors
  6. Immersive Jewelry

Quests and World

  1. Adal Matar the Lost Stronghold - Fight Against the Thalmor I
  2. Agent of Righteous Might
  3. Blackreach Railroad
  4. Cutting Room Floor
  5. Dwemertech - Magic of the Dwarves
  6. Falskaar
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