Business Research Resources

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Connecticut Business and Nonprofit

  1. The Alliance: The Voice of Community Nonprofits

    Previously Connecticut Nonprofit Alliance.

Business Collection Development Resources

  1. Library Guides: Collection Development Policy: Business & Economics
  2. Journal for Business and Finance Librarianship

    JBFL is another good resource for reviews of business books and databases.

  3. CC Advisor

    $Choice has combined forces with the Charleston Company to form the CCAdvisor - covers business

  4. The Charleston Advisor

    Source for reviews on books and databases across disciplines, including business.

  5. Choice: Current Reviews for Academic Libraries

    This is a standard resource for collection development & covers all disciplines, including business

  6. BRASS: LibGuides: Outstanding Business Reference Sources: Yearly Selection of Recent Ti...

    Business Reference Sources Committee publishes their list of selected outstanding titles each winter

Biz Ref Groups, Blogs and People

  1. This Liaison Life
  2. The Business Blog from Ohio U
  3. Making Sense of Business Reference
  4. Business Librarians
  5. SLA: Special Libraries Association
  6. BRASS: Business Reference And Services Section (BRASS)

BizRef Statistics


Important to always double-check sources for accuracy.

  1. IPUMS

    Provides census and survey data from around the world. Data & services are available free of charge.

  2. ProQuest Statistical Insight Collection - Statistical Insight Collection

    $Indexes and abstracts federal statistical publications current and historical (50 years).

  3. SAGE Stats

    $Topics covered include the economy, education, crime, government finance, health, and more.

  4. Business-Statistics-of-the-United-States-2017-Patterns-of-Economic-Change-22nd-Edition

    Print. Historical data for nearly 27 industries, spanning 30+ years for annual data.

  5. Statistics Canada

    Statistics Canada is the office that oversees the Canadian census.

  6. Business & Industry

    Main listing of business-related data sets covered in the Census.

International Business Research


Online Mostly Free Resources

  1. Harvard Business School Baker Library Country & International Resources Guide

    Great stop for a variety of resources.

  2. IMF -- International Monetary Fund Home Page

    Some free reports for global financial and economic data.

  3. - Organization for Economic Co-operation & Development

    Big source of global macroeconomic and trade data - some available for free.

  4. Fortune Global 500 List 2017: See Who Made It

    Access lists by country and by year going back to the 1990's.

  5. International Trade Centre - trade statistics 2001-2017

    Joint agency of the World Trade Organization and the UN and their trade statistics section

  6. US Census

Country Guides

  1. IMF Country Information
  2. Country Commercial Guides

    the United States government's portal to exporting and trade services

  3. U.S. Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets
  4. Intersource Country Insights from the Centre for Intercultural Learning
  5. CIA World Factbook
  6. CultureGrams™ - CultureGrams™

    $ProQuest: Provides a nice snapshot of a country's economic and cultural landscape

Fee-Based Resources

  1. GoinGlobal

    Career research and contains job postings as well as work requirements for international employment

  2. OECD iLibrary

    Some free. Economic and social reports from countries.

  3. Business Monitor Online: BMI Research: Industry Research & Emerging Markets Analysis

    Business operating environment for a number of countries, including emerging markets and industriali

  4. EMIS (formerly ISI Emerging Markets)

    Delivers news, company and financial data on emerging global markets.

  5. Economist Intelligence Unit

    Covers the political and regulatory environment as well as economic and financial indicators.

  6. Euromonitor International

    Country and consumer data for practically every country in the world

Other Useful International Business Links

  1. The Septic's Companion

    For British vs. American English reference.

  2. Language Dictionaries and Translators
  3. SEDAR Web Site / Bienvenue au Site Web SEDAR

    For Canadian company filings and quick company profiles.


  1. | HOME

    Regulates the process of public companies issuing stock. Reports for public companies in EDGAR.

  2. LOC Business Reference Services (Science, Technology & Business Division, Library of Co...

    An abundance of links and information for various business research topics.

  3. ADA, accessibility for older persons with disabilities : training manual / produced by ...

Nonprofit Entities

  1. B Corporation

    For profits entities that strive to make a positive impact on society.

  2. BoardSource - Empowering Boards & Inspiring Leadership

    Offers support to nonprofit boards related to governance practices.

  3. Free Management Library

    Resource for nonprofits offering tips and toolkits related to various topics.

  4. Association for Research on Nonprofit Organizations and Voluntary Action

    Offers information from a theoretical/applied perspective. Hosts annual conference and publication.

  5. Foundation Center

    $Can be searched by type of funding and for-profit companies that run charities.

  6. National Center for Charitable Statistics

    Break out statistics on non-profits. Includes 990 forms.

Ranking and Rating Nonprofits

  1. BBB Wise Giving Alliance

    From the Better Business Bureau evaluating them against their Standards for Charities

  2. Charity Ratings | America's Most Independent, Assertive Charity Watchdog | CharityWatch

    Bills themselves as a "charity watchdog" and ranks charities based on various points.

  3. Charity Navigator - Your Guide To Intelligent Giving | Home

    Evaluate a charity’s reputation and overall efficiency based on expenses, policies and more.

Franchising Information

  1. FranNet

    Franchise consultants that provide information about the franchise process.

  2. SBA Funding Programs
  3. Franchise Solutions

    Franchise opportunities searchable by industry. Also allows the user to submit a info request form

  4. Franchising for Dummies Cheat Sheet
  5. World Franchising

Investment Research and Investment Education Resources

  1. Stock Basics Tutorial

    A good place to learn the basics of stocks from what they are to how they're traded.

  2. Hypertextual Finance Glossary

    Definitions of those elusive financial terms and acronyms and formulas, this is a great site.

  3. Investment and Financial Dictionary by is a handy place to look up a quick investment term.

  4. Moneychimp: Stock Market Investing, Online Calculators, Valuation Models, and more.

    Some great overviews of the stock market plus other financial and economic topics.

  5. Motley Fool's School

    This is a fun site to point patrons to if they'd like to learn a little about investing.

  6. Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

    CFPB provides resources for consumers as well as financial practitioners.

Stock Information

  1. 2018 Stocks, Bonds, Bills, and Inflation (SBBI) Yearbook

    Print - Contains a historical overview of US markets over the previous 30 years.

  2. Daily stock price record. New York Stock Exchange.

    Print - The Daily Stock Price Record goes back to the 1960's and is/was published quarterly.

  3. Research Guides: Stock and Commodity Exchanges: About this Guide

    Site from Rutgers University lists stock and commodity exchanges worldwide.

  4. Global Financial Data

    $Has a Stock module that covers prices for many indices.


    Some free. Provides financial news and data through its proprietary, stand-alone Bloomberg Terminal.

  6. Zacks Investment Research: Stock Research, Analysis,

    Some free research reports on over 10,000 companies from over 185 brokerage firms.

Bond Information

  1. Bonds and Rates - CNNMoney

    Great option for getting quick bond data or some basic explanations of bonds and bond markets.

  2. Bonds Center - Bonds quotes, news, screeners and educational information.

    Some great explanations of all things bond related under their Bonds 101 Overview section.

  3. Bonds: FINRA

    Updated daily and is a good place to start your search for bond related info.

  4. Mergent Bond Record and Annual Bond Record

    Print - separate from online database.

Mutual Fund Information

  1. Mutual Funds Observer

    Non-commercial site replaced Fund Alarm in May 2011. There are discussion boards and commentaries.

  2. Mutual Fund Screener - Yahoo Finance

    Information on particular funds, quick looks at best performers & lots of links to overviews of mut

  3. Morningstar | Independent Investment Research

    Provides investment research on all f investment offerings, but is great for mutual funds

Commodities and Futures Information

  1. The CRB Commodity Yearbook

    Print - Some price data goes back as far as to 1900.

  2. CME Group -Futures & Options Trading for Risk Management (formerly the Chicago Mercant...

    CME Group is one of the largest commodities futures exchange organizations in the world.


    The CFTC is to commodities as the SEC is to stocks.

Consumer Research and Marketing

  1. Media Planning Basics DMA vs MSA

Consumer Research Resources (mostly print or free online)

  1. Data USA
  2. - Consumer

    U.S. Government data sets related to consumers.

  3. U.S. Census Bureau QuickFacts: UNITED STATES

    Quick access to overall retail and wholesale statistics by state, county, or city.

  4. The American Customer Satisfaction Index Home

    Univ. of Mich: The ACSI measures 10 economic sectors across industries for consumer satisfaction.

  5. TrendWatching

    Free newsletters that highlight some of the many trends they have identified among consumers.

  6. National Retail Federation

    An industry association as a source of data on that industry.

Consumer Research Resources (mostly fee-based)

  1. Statista

    $ Some free. Great source for consumer data.

  2. Passport Euromonitor International (formerly GMID)

    $$ Passport covers over 200 countries & products sold there & industries & consumers that buy them.

  3. eMarketer

    Contains lots of demographic data related to consumers and their use of the internet. Some info free

  4. Mintel: Global Market Research & Market Insight

    Covers industries from a consumer perspective. Mainly US & UK markets. Some free trend reports.

Mapping & Other Consumer Research Tools

  1. Reference USA

    $Consumer module that can be used to map locations of consumers by geography and other criteria.

  2. Esri: GIS Mapping Software, Spatial Data Analytics - ARC GIS

    $Provides data broken out by zip codes on total businesses, total employment, spending habits & more

  3. Business Decision

    $$Mapping database that combines consumer data and GIS application.

  4. DemographicsNow: Business & People

    $Web-based mapping application that allows you to create maps and reports based on various data.

  5. Simply Analytics

    $Web-based mapping, analytics, and data visualization application.

Consumer Data Surveys & Other Consumer Data Sources

  1. SMA | Sports Market Analytics | SBRnet SBRnet

    $Resources out there that focus on particular kinds of consumers--for sports fans.

  2. Nielsen

    $Tracks consumer spending habits. Search for the term Nielsen and other keywords for possible data.

  3. NPD Group - Market Research | Consumer TrendsLog InDisplay content menuDisplay portlet ...

    $See if you can find references to it in articles by adding NPD in as a keyword in article searches.

  4. Mediamark Research Inc.

    $Information on demographics, lifestyles, product and brand usage, and advertising media preferences

  5. Simmons OneView (formerly Choices III)

    $Buying and shopping data on over 8,000 brands in 460 product categories. Data cross tablature.

Marketing/Advertising Data Resources

  1. WARC | Your global authority on advertising and media effectiveness

    Some free. Transcripts and reports from advertising conferences, best practice papers and articles.

  2. Kantar Media AdSpender

    $Tracks advertising spending by both brand and outlet.

  3. Standard Rate and Data Service (SRDS)

    Leading provider of media rate and data for the advertising industry.

  4. Advertiser Redbooks

    Advertiser Red Books track companies which spend more than $200,000 annually on advertising

  5. LibGuides: Marketing: Home
  6. Encyclopedia of Global Brands, 2nd Edition

    600 of the most popular brands in America are highlighted in this three-volume set. Last 1994

Forms for Business Reference Research Requests

  1. Business Assistance Form
  2. Request for Business Research Assistance

Small Business Resources

  1. NYC Small Business Resource Center
  2. Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance

    Federal assistance available to search including surplus equipment, training, loans and grants

  3. SBA Funding Programs
  4. World Franchising
  5. America's Small Business Development Centers
  6. NOLO - Legal Topics

Business Plans

  1. Encyclopedia of Small Business, 5th Edition

    Print, GVRL and BI:G. Defines and details issues faced by small businesses.

  2. Business Plans Handbook, 41st Edition

    Print and ebook - BI:G & GVRL. Sample business plans by industry.

  3. Bplans: Business Planning Resources and Free Business Plan Samples - Bplans offers free...

    Offers a wide variety of sample business plans.

  4. Business Plans Index - Carnegie Library of Pittsburgh

    An online index to two main print sources the Business Plan Handbook and Small Business Profiles.

Standard Industrial Classification Manuals

  1. North American Industry Classification System
  2. Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) System Search

Company and Industry Information

  1. Mergent Industry Review
  2. - Plunkett Research, Ltd.

    Print/Ebook: Publishes a number of industry almanacs which give a useful industry snapshots.

  3. EMarketer: Data and Research on Digital for Business Professionals

    $Focuses on digital marketing in Automotive, Consumer Products, Financial, Pharma, Entertain, Travel

  4. Monthly Retail Trade
  5. Annual Retail Trade Survey
  6. Annual Survey of Manufactures (ASM)

Industry Ratios

  1. Business Ratios and Formulas | Wiley Online Books
  2. UCLA's Rosenfeld Library Company Ratios and where to find them
  3. UCLA's Rosenfeld Library Industry Ratios - Databases to find them
  4. Bizminer: Industry Financial Analysis

    $fee-based version of the BizStats site. Ratios for 5,500 industries and can be narrowed by zip code

  5. Business Statistics, Financial Ratios and Industry Statistics by BizStats

    Some searching based on ratios and benchmarks.

  6. NetMBA Business Knowledge Center

    Lays out the formulas fairly clearly if you're in need of a quick refresher.

General Directories

  1. AnyWho
  2. Directory of free toll free (tollfree), 800,866,877 and 888 listings of businesses by c...

Business Law

  1. NOLO - Legal Topics
  2. SBA Stay Legally Compliant
  3. Legal Information Institute
  4. FedLaw
  5. EDGAR Filings & Forms
  6. Council on Environmental Quality

Print Resources for Company Info

  1. Book of Lists - American City Business Journals
  2. Crain Communications
  3. Business Rankings Annual, 2017 Edition

    Gale BI:G database

  4. Leadership Directories in Print • Leadership Connect

    "Yellow books" that give a snapshot of a company, a nonprofit or a financial institution

  5. Mergent - Moody's Manuals

    Annual series of bound volumes containing brief reports on companies

  6. LexisNexis Corporate Affiliations

    Who owns whom.

Business Directories

  1. Orbis

    $$ great high-end tool for pulling together lists of companies based on various criteria

  2. EuroPages

    Directory of 500,000 companies in Europe, searchable by product, company name, or sector.

  3. Kompass International

    Largest international company database lists 1.6 million companies and 744K brand names.

  4. INCs America's Greatest (and Most Inspiring) Entrepreneurs This Year

    Inc Magazine's 5000 fastest growing private companies. Retrospective to 20 years.

  5. Forbes - List Information and News -

    List of the 500 largest "private" companies in the US. Lists of "best" and "richest"

  6. ThomasNet® - Product Sourcing and Supplier Discovery Platform

    Provides information for industrial buyers and suppliers and covers over 550,000 companies. CAD

Labor Data Resources

  1. Minimum Wage Laws in the States
  2. United States Department of Labor

    Contemporary and historical data on labor issues in the US.

Raw Data and Statistics

  1. Census Publications
  2. Statistical Abstracts Series
  3. U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

Financing a Business

  1. NYC Small Business Resource Center
  2. Venture Capital & Private Equity Industry Guide: Harvard Business School's Baker Library

    Industry guide useful for identifying sources of information on venture capital sources.

  3. CB Insights Research

    $ Do publish some free reports on topics like start-ups, mainly tech.

  4. Eikon Private Equity and Venture Capital: ThomasONE

    $has venture capital and private equity data. It used to be a stand-alone product called VentureXper

  5. PitchBook: Venture Capital, Private Equity and M&A Database |

    $Provides information on deals between private and public companies. Charts on hot industries.

  6. Crunchbase

    Quick way to check on what kinds of companies larger (mostly tech) companies are investing in.

Stock and Investments

  1. How The Futures Market Works
  2. Getting To Know The Money Market
  3. How do mutual funds work?
  4. How do bonds work?
  5. The Evolution Of Ticker Symbols
  6. How Stocks and the Stock Market Work

Finding Historic Stock Information

  1. Directory of Obsolete Securities

    $ Print - Can be ordered from Financial Info

  2. CCH® IntelliConnect®

    $Print and Online - Reference source that can be helpful when researching historical stocks

  3. Old Stock Certificates

    IPL's list of resources and strategies for research historic stock information.

  4. Timely Tax Tip! Finding Historical Stock Prices

    Accounts the process of researching Del Monte historic stock. Great strategy tips.

  5. What to Do with an Old Stock Certificate

    Details options for owners of old stock certificates - how to locate, cash in, or sell to collectors

  6. Stock Prices -- Historical

    List of resources compiled by the University of Minnesota Library for researching stock prices.

Business Dictionaries



  2. Financial Lexicon - A Compendium of Financial Definitions, Acronyms, and Colloquialisms...


  3. The New Palgrave Dictionary of Money and Finance - 3 Volume Set | John Eatwell | Palgra...

    Print - great resource for quick lookups of terms.

  4. Investopedia Financial Dictionary | Investopedia

    This online dictionary of over 4,500 terms is particularly good for phrases and new terminology.

Jobseeker and Career Resources

  1. Job Search
  2. Monster Jobs - Job Search, Career Advice & Hiring Resources |
  3. O*NET OnLine

    Formerly Dictionary of Occupational Titles (DOT). Data taken from people as to skills needed.

  4. CareerOneStop

    Includes salary ranges by state for hundreds of occupations and self-assessments for finding careers

  5. Occupational Outlook Handbook - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

    Revised every 2 years. Info on various careers and projections of career growth.

  6. Work for Good

Resume Writing Resources

  1. 1,001 FREE Cover Letters For Consultants, Career Changers, Job Hunters

    Online version of the standard guide to CareerLab's employment letters by William S. Frank.

  2. Résumés and Vitas - Purdue Online Writing Lab
  3. JobStar Resume Guide -- Sample Resumes
  4. Damn Good Resume Guide
  5. Resume Builder :

    Formerly Subscription resume builder with great sample resumes viewable for free.

Publications and Journals for Business Librarians

  1. Information Today, Inc.
  2. ALA: LibGuides: Online Resources for Business Research (August 2016): Home
  3. BRASS: LibGuides: Business Reference Essentials: Getting Started
  4. Journal of Business and Finance Librarianship
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