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  1. Secure Bitcoin Transactions with Bio-Payments
  2. What the blockchain means for trust, contracts and hiring cars.
  3. Clearing & settlement by blockchain?

    Blockchain may replace the Australian Securities Exchange's clearing and settlement system

  4. Bank of Russia studies Blockchain

    Rumours of a State-Run BitRuble re-emerge

  5. Wall Street is embracing bitcoin

    To what extent is bitcoin influencing tradition money markets?

  6. Bitcoin: How the Disruption Will Play Out

    Forbes look at the predicted impact on Financial Services of the Blockchain, specifically Bitcoin

Digital Banking

  1. Banks cld lose 60% retail profit

    Acccording to McKinsey, the agile nature of tech startups poses a real threat to banks' retail arm

  2. The bank that's built like an app

    Interview wit the CEO of Fidor, the new German digital bank

  3. Why Turkey's No1 in digi-banking

    Excellent look at Turkey's unique role in the world of digital banking

  4. Disaggregation of a Bank
  5. Banking is under attack.
  6. Tokenization is not enough.

Digital Innovation

  1. Plastic Money and the New £1 Coin

    The transition from paper to polymer banknotes is soon to begin – with massive repercussions

  2. Visa Tests Finger Vein Payment Tech
  3. Visa - Transformative innovation
  4. London's black cabs to accept contactless
  5. VIDEO - Mobile Payments in China
  6. Swipp contactless open to 30k merchants

Payments Security

  1. 40% will switch retailers for security

    Nearly half of consumers would switch if offered enhanced payment security measures

  2. Security issues slow m-payment adoption

    Data breaches etc blamed for low mobile adoption rates

  3. [infographic] The rise of cybercrime

    Consumer-facing infographic on cybercrime from University of Cincinati

  4. Strengthening Mobile Security

    Secure Cloud technology being adopted in Canada

  5. How improved security measures affect you

    The implications of increased payment security for businesses, not just consumers.

  6. Contactless payments security drama

Social Media

  1. U.S. Banks Unite in Real-Time Payments Network
  2. Top 10 Social Media Innovators

    From Nasa, via Twitter, to FourSquare. The best and why they're the best.

  3. The Psychology of Social Media
  4. Brands can learn from social media fails
  5. Twitter: A Google company?
  6. 2015: the year the old internet died
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