Baillie Gifford Digital Scrap Book

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  1. Detoxifying the Internet
  2. The sudden death of websites
  3. 5 content marketing trends
  4. 3 benefits of digital disruption
  5. Systems of Engagement & UX

    Personally I think the image alone says much more than the article. - Alex

  6. Can long form ads work?


  1. Top 20: Long Form Content with great UX

    Pretty old but still worth a peek

  2. 10 tough questions we get asked

    "We are outspoken about our optimism." Where have I heard that before? :-)

  3. Asset Managers: Reveal What Your Clients Love to Read
  4. The growing danger of great-power conflict
  5. Morgan Stanley & "Robo-Advice"
  6. Generation Screwed

Just interesting!

  1. Blockchain Is Impacting Social
  2. Theranos: Just a fairy tale
  3. Who's being honest about AI?
  4. Blockchain's valley of despair
  5. How Does Bitcoin Work?
  6. AI risks paints a grim future
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