Windows Deployment

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  1. kmsfiles by Ratiborus

Native ⇔ Hyper-V


Create, Transform, Convert windows instances

  1. ✪ Native Booting From multiple VHD Files
  2. Boot to VHD (Native Boot): Add a Virtual Hard Disk to the Boot Menu
  3. Preparing Virtual Hard Disks for Boot


  4. Hyper-V - Native Boot VHD (Tenforum's tutorial)
  5. Creating a Windows 10 Preview VHD That Can Run as a Hyper-V VM and Can Boot Natively


Offline Servicing / Updating / Installation media


Managing installation media, creating and managing images

  1. Ratiborus | Twitter
  2. TechBench by WZT (v4.1.1) - All Windows ISOs
  3. Download Windows ADK to an offline PC
  4. BladeFireLight/WindowsImageTools
  5. Create WIMBoot Images
  6. Sergei Strelec » Загрузочные диски » Загрузочные флешки

Windows setup .ISO download

  1. Download Windows 10 Insider Preview Advanced

Unattended / Answers

  1. Generic Product Keys to Install Windows 10 Editions | Windows 10 Tutorials
  2. How Configuration Passes Work

    #Windows #Deployment

  3. Unattended Windows Setup Reference (better)
  4. Unattended Windows Setup Reference

    Windows #Deployment

  5. Windows Answer File Generator

    Unattended #Deployment of Windows

Package management

  1. PackageProviders: Chocolatey vs. ChocolateyGet
  2. Create package in scoop

my packages

  1. turboBasic/TurboScoop
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