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biochemical characteristics serratia marcescens

  1. Biochemical Characteristics of Serratia Marcescens
  2. Evaluation of Antibiogram of Serratia Marcescens
  3. Biotype Study of S. Marcescens
  4. Serratia Marcescens Biochemical Tests
  5. Antimicrobial Sensitivity of Serratia Marcescens

molecular analysis of cashew plant

  1. Evaluation of Cashew Pathological Analysis
  2. Biophoton Analysis of Cashew Plant
  3. Increase in Chlorophyll Content in Cashew Plant
  4. Cashew RAPD Analysis | DNA Fingerprinting
  5. Molecular Analysis of Cashew Plant

sponge gourd rapd analysis

  1. Treating Cancer without any Side Effects!
  2. A Huge Medical Breakthrough for Cancer Treatment
  3. Molecular Analysis of Bitter Gourd
  4. Bitter Gourd RAPD Analysis
  5. Analysis of Sponge Gourd Growth Parameters
  6. Sponge Gourd RAPD Analysis

pogostemon cablin growth

  1. XRD & TGA-DTG Analysis of Methyl 2-Naphthyl Ether
  2. P. Cablin Anatomical Characteristics
  3. Energy Treatment & Oil Yield in P. Cablin
  4. P. Cablin (Patchouli) Growth

mustard dna polymorphism

  1. Biofield Impact on Immunity of Mustard Seeds
  2. Mustard Seeds Plant Growth Regulator
  3. DNA Polymorphism of Mustard
  4. RAPD of Mustard Seeds
  5. Improvement in Immunity of Mustard Seeds
  6. Evaluation of Mustard Seeds Plant Growth Regulator

experiments on powder characterisation

  1. Crystalline Characteristics of Metal Powders
  2. Metal Powder Characterisation- Experiments
  3. Analysis of Particle Characteristics of Metal Powders
  4. Atomic Characteristics of Metal Powders
  5. Increase in Plant Growth and Adaption
  6. Callus Induction of WS & AD

improved mango production

  1. Elimination of Spongy Tissue: Improved Mango Production
  2. Alphonso Mango Production Improvement
  3. Enhancement in Yield of Alphonso
  4. Study of Alphonso RAPD Analysis

myristic acid properties

  1. Myristic Acid FT-IR Analysis
  2. Thermal Characterization of Myristic Acid
  3. DSC Analysis of Myristic Acid
  4. Spectroscopic Properties of Myristic Acid
  5. Myristic Acid XRD Study
  6. Physical Characterization of Myristic Acid

physical properties of gluten

  1. Effect of Energy Treatment on Carrots
  2. Carrots Yield Improvement
  3. Alteration in Thermal Properties of Ipomoea Macroelements
  4. Ipomoea Macroelements Analysis – Impact of Biofield

Alternative Therapy


The links posted here shows how the human electromagnetic field could be useful as an alternative therapeutic approach in our serious daily

  1. Pseudomonas Fluorescens Antibiotic Susceptibility Alterations
  2. P. Fluorescens Biochemical Tests to Evaluate the Biofield Impact
  3. Spiritual Energy Impact on Pseudomonas Fluorescens Characteristics
  4. Alterations in Physical Properties of Indole
  5. Physical and Thermal Properties of Indole
  6. XRD & DSC Analysis of Indole

Trivedi Science


The Trivedi Effect is an energy matrix that surrounds the human body and related to the overall human health.

  1. Impact of Energy Treatment on Chromium VI Oxide Properties
  2. Analysis of Physical and Structural Properties of Brass
  3. Analysis of Multidrug Resistant S.Maltophilia
  4. Potential Impact of Biofield on HIV Viral Load Test
  5. Genotyping Characterization of Staphylococcus Aureus
  6. Antimicrobial Sensitivity of Staphylococcus Saprophyticus
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