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Website Add-ons and Features

  1. Free & Beautifully Human Online Forms | Typeform
  2. Interactive Calculators | Outgrow
  3. Crisp: Live Customer Messaging

    Ad chat feature onto website for live chat.

  4. Zotabox: 15 Free Tools to Increase Your Sales and Get More Subscribers

    Suite of tools and addons.

  5. Online Quiz Creator

    Create quizes for clients and embed onto website

WordPress Admin and Technical

  1. How to: Change WordPress Password from PHPMyAdmin
  2. How to Reset a WordPress Password from phpMyAdmin

WordPress Plugins

  1. 57 Best WordPress Plugins For 2016: A Sumo-Sized Guide - SumoMe


  1. Make Your WordPress Site Accessible With These Themes and Plugins - WPMU DEV

App Building Tools

  1. Tenon.io

    Accessibility Checker

  2. Semble

    intuitive drag and drop tool for creating dynamic apps – it’s as easy as using Keynote.

  3. Designd - Digital publishing software from Mag+

    digital publishing software for Adobe InDesign users

portfolio websites

  1. Format.com - Your online portfolio
  2. Format.com – Online Portfolio website

WordPress Theme Frameworks & Website Builders


These frameworks are great to build website without using code.

  1. Responsive web design tool, CMS, and hosting platform | Webflow
  2. BeTheme - Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme
  3. 12 Best WordPress Theme Frameworks 2016 - aThemes
  4. Website Design Checklist - Simple Plan for Website Creation
  5. Cloudpress

    Create Unique Responsive WordPress Sites Without Coding - Online platform to create wordpress site

  6. 10+ Highly Customizable WordPress Themes


Social Network Platforms

  1. Build and cultivate your own community - Ning.com

Wordpress Themes

  1. Thrive Themes - Conversion Focused WordPress Themes
  2. P2 | Blogging at the speed of thought

    Really nice Blogging theme for WordPress

  3. Lens Theme

    A nice photography wordpress theme

  4. Handbook Theme

    A nice portfolio on theme forset

  5. Templatic

    Makes APP like themes

  6. Studiopress

    Theme foundry

Mapping Tools

  1. Embed Google Map - Add Google Maps to your Website!
  2. My Maps

Web Coding Companies

  1. Custom WordPress theme programming for your web company.

Webmaster Tools

  1. Encrypt Mailto Links to Stop Email Spam - Robert Spangler
  2. Let's Encrypt - Free SSL/TLS Certificates


  3. Enkoder

    Converts emails to coded links to avoid spam.

  4. Email Address Encoder
  5. Plans | WP Site Care
  6. Wordpress Website Maintenance Checklist

Web Forms

  1. FormCraft

    Wordpress Form Builder. Looks great

  2. Online Form Builder with Cloud Storage Database | Wufoo

    Building online forms can be hard. Wufoo makes it easy.

  3. Machform - PHP HTML Form Builder
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