Biofield Research

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Energy Medicine

  1. Nitrophenol Derivatives- Isotopic Abundance Analysis using GC-MS

    Read this research paper that highlights the impact of a unique alternatative energy treatment.

  2. Nitrophenols- Physicochemical, Thermal & Structural Modification

    Nitrophenols are used as intermediates in the synthesis of some organophosphorus pesticides.

  3. Nitrophenol Derivatives - Biofield Energy Treatment

    Mr. Trivedi’s biofield energy treatment has the remarkable capability to alter the isotopic.

  4. Isotopic Abundance Ratio in O- and M-Nitrophenol

    The evaluation of isotopic abundance ratios in O- and M-Nitrophenol was performed.

  5. GC-MS Analysis of O- and M-Nitrophenol

    The GC-MS analysis of O- and M- Nitrophenol was used in this study.

  6. Nitrophenols for the Preparation of Pharmaceuticals

    This research study indicates that the biofield treated o- and m-nitrophenol might be useful.

Biofield Treatment


This study assessed the potential influence of biofield treatment on cultured human cancer cells.

  1. Research on Pseudomonas Fluorescens Antibiotic Susceptibility
  2. Pseudomonas Fluorescens Characteristics – Human Energy Impact
  3. Change in Pseudomonas Fluorescens Biochemical Reaction Pattern
  4. Antimicrobial Sensitivity Pattern of Pseudomonas fluorescens after Biofield Treatment
  5. Pseudomonas Fluorescens Antibiotic Susceptibility Alterations\
  6. P. Fluorescens Biochemical Tests to Evaluate the Biofield Impact

Healing Energy Medicine

  1. Antimony & Bismuth Powders - Effect of External Energy

    The antimony and bismuth powders were characterized using the techniques such as XRD, surface area.

  2. Alteration in Characteristics of Antimony

    The non-contact external energy has caused the changes in characteristics of antimony & bismuth.

  3. Thermal Analysis of Antimony & Bismuth

    The Thermal analysis of Antimony and Bismuth powder shows the change in the latent heat of fusion.

  4. Antimony & Bismuth Powders Characteristics

    In the present study, a change in the particle size, surface area and crystallite size.

  5. Physical Properties of Antimony

    Read here the current study which was designed to evaluate the impact of non-contact external energy

  6. Biofield Impact on Characteristics of Bismuth Powders

    The study was undertaken to evaluate the impact of human energy treatment on atomic, crystalline.

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