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3-D (Maya-focus)


Autodesk links for 3-D. Specifically focused on Maya education and instruction.

  1. Pluralsight | Unlimited Online Developer, IT and Creative Training
  2. 3dTotal
  3. // Introduction to rigging in Maya - skinning by Jahirul Amin



Images, resources, meshes, gesture websites, etc.

  1. The Art of Freddie Niem, 【 盛夏健身房 】美女摄影师 촬영문의...
  2. basquiat - Google Search
  3. Job Search | Indeed
  4. Find Jobs: Find your next job and advance your career today |
  6. Free Images - Pixabay

Story-boarding, Blogging and Writing


collection of links and references for writing, story ideas, prompts, blogs, etc.

  1. Fantasy Worldbuilding Questions - SFWA
  2. Nyx - Wikipedia
  3. List of Greek mythological figures - Wikipedia
  4. Apeiron (cosmology) - Wikipedia
  5. Oikeiôsis - Wikipedia
  6. Home Page - TV Tropes



Drawing and animating, 2D specifically.

  1. The Flying Animator
  2. Walk Cycle Animation Tutorial
  3. How to become an artist if you're priced out of unafforable art schools | Creative Bloq
  4. 12 pro tips to improve your artistic composition | Creative Bloq
  5. Tasastock's DeviantArt Gallery
  6. Practice Tools for Artists - Line of Action

Social and Most Used


Websites I go to very often.

  1. Home :: San Francisco Public Library
  2. Netflix
  3. Hulu
  4. Pandora
  5. Pinterest
  6. Twitter
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