Healing Energy Medicine

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Alternative Medicine

  1. Increase in Plant Growth and Adaption

    Due to the impact of unique energy treatment, there was an increase in plant growth and adaptation.

  2. Callus Induction of WS & AD

    The results of the present study show the efficacy of unique spiritual energy treatment.

  3. Adaptive Micropropagation Response of WS Plants

    The enhanced and significant impact of energy treatment was found on adaptive micropropagation.

  4. Plant Growth & Adaptation | Biofield Impact

    Here's the study was designed to determine the effect of unique energy treatment on plant growth.

  5. Amaranthus Dubius - DNA Polymorphism

    The DNA polymorphism analysis of Amaranthus Dubius was carried out in this study for understanding

  6. Amaranthus Dubius Bioactivity Tests

    The bioactivity tests of Amaranthus dubius were performed to evaluate the effect of the unique.

Healing Energy Medicine

  1. Antimony & Bismuth Powders - Effect of External Energy

    The antimony and bismuth powders were characterized using the techniques such as XRD, surface area.

  2. Alteration in Characteristics of Antimony

    The non-contact external energy has caused the changes in characteristics of antimony & bismuth.

  3. Thermal Analysis of Antimony & Bismuth

    The Thermal analysis of Antimony and Bismuth powder shows the change in the latent heat of fusion.

  4. Antimony & Bismuth Powders Characteristics

    In the present study, a change in the particle size, surface area and crystallite size.

  5. Physical Properties of Antimony

    Read here the current study which was designed to evaluate the impact of non-contact external energy

  6. Biofield Impact on Characteristics of Bismuth Powders

    The study was undertaken to evaluate the impact of human energy treatment on atomic, crystalline.

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