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Mahendra Trivedi


Click the link to get Mahendra Trivedi's research publications and materials research innovations in science field.

  1. Mahendra Trivedi – SERC
  2. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi Public Profile | Insight Medical Publishing
  3. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi – MedChemNet
  4. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi's Biofield Publications | Figshare
  5. Mahendra Kumar Trivedi's Biofield Researches at
  6. Kudos | Mahendra Kumar Trivedi Biofield Publications List

Biofield Treatment


Collection of Biofield Energy Researches by the expertise in Biofield & Material Science. To know more please go through with the link.

  1. Para-Dichlorobenzene | Physical, Thermal and Spectroscopic Properties
  2. Myristic acid | Physical, Spectroscopic & Thermal Characterization

    The objective of present research was to investigate the influence of biofield treatment.

  3. m-Toluic Acid | Physical, Thermal and Spectroscopic Properties

    The m-toluic acid (MTA) is widely used in manufacturing of dyes, pharmaceuticals.

  4. Antimicrobial Susceptibility Pattern of MDR Isolates of K. pneumoniae

    Klebsiella pneumoniae (K. pneumoniae) is a gram-negative, rodshaped, facultative anaerobic.

  5. Phenotypic and Biotypic Characterization of Klebsiella oxytoca

    The present research work was undertaken to evaluate the impact of biofield treatment.

  6. Disodium Hydrogen Orthophosphate and Sodium Nitrate | FT-IR, UV-Vis Analysis

    The current study was attempted to investigate the impact of biofield treatment on atomic level.



Biofield therapy refers to a group of therapies that effect change in people's health and well-being by interacting with their biofield.

  1. The Trivedi Effect - Health, Wellness and Fitness Center

    The Trivedi Effect is a divine energy or a natural phenomenon that, when harnessed.

  2. The Trivedi Effect | Zotero

    Mahendra Kumar Trivedi creator of the Trivedi Effect is recognized throughout the world.

  3. The Trivedi Effect – Reviews and Testimonials

    The Trivedi Effect testimonials speaks about the impact of Mahendra Trivedi’s biofield energy.

  4. The Trivedi Effect™ | Beliefnet

    Read Mahendra Trivedi's exclusive interview taken by Daylle Deanna Schwartz on

  5. Trivedi Effect | Healing with Human Biofield Energy | Testimonials

    The Trivedi Effect has been positively influencing and redirecting the lives of people.

  6. The Trivedi Effect® Official Channel Page | Youtube

    The Trivedi Effect® official YouTube channel: Watch reviews and testimonials from many people.

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